Operation Deep State Day 1

Day One

Our official launch: Consisting of the email campaign began today on March 22. So far our visitors have been wondering if we would include email subscriptions. We’re considering that and many more ways to include our community in this important campaign! We’ll be sharing relevant news here like this video below and of course news related to our campaign.

Video Courtesy of theTRUTHprincess YouTube channel

Expect big things in coming days/weeks as we get oriented…

Meanwhile consider us “under construction” and check back soon!



  1. These are the fake jew liars that are the synagogue of satan , preparing for their false messiah , their father , ” lucifer ” …….. AKA ” kenites ” , the offsping of cain .

  2. Hi Bill, Unfortunately the C-Span video and plug made the website load time more than 2 minutes, so I will post that info on twitter. Thank you! Feel free to keep sending your comments and suggestions, as this is a Patriots movement, everyone is involved:)))

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