For Immediate Release

4 months ago Lisa Phillips 1



Immediate goals: The dissemination of news and video media related to the deep state as well as an ongoing mail campaign addressing our interests in the criminals involved in; drug and human trafficking, pedophilia, blackmail, murder and mayhem being brought to justice.


This organization has been founded by Lisa Phillips, to facilitate the goal of informing and catalyzing the interests of Republicans and socially conscious others who have a keen awareness of the corruption that allows criminal elements to remain unchallenged in law & government.


To acquire a stance viable to the goals of this site our strategy has been; screen, consider, release, & review. The media we engage from the site has been a combination of mainstream and independent media whose views may differ from our own on certain points, but who have the same general opinion of corruption and the same interest in changing the lackluster approach to removing recently revealed criminal elements from the political platform at large.


Within days of launch hundreds had already visited us, and many are becoming actively engaged in downloading and mailing, the letters that serve as examples of our current call to action.

Founder – Lisa Phillips

– end of release –