Will Trump Fire Kushner

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Large groups of Donald Trump’s own supporters are demanding today that he fire his son-in-law Jared Kushner from the White House. The incident was partially sparked by Donald Trump’s removal this week of nationalist Steve Bannon from the White House National Security Council.

Will Trump Bend

In recent months it has become apparent that one of the president’s virtues is that he won’t be harassed into a decision by the media in whom he has lost all faith. This doesn’t mean he won’t do it so much as he won’t do it unless he absolutely agrees that there is a sufficient reason. Trump handing a wide range of new foreign and domestic authority to Jared Kushner, has led many to conclude that Kushner is at fault for Bannon’s demotion. But is that the whole truth of the matter?

Bannon was a tough hire according to many

Bannon’s placement on the principals committee at the start of the Trump administration drew criticism not only from Democrats but also from many Republicans and prominent members of the intelligence community. The idea that Bannon, who, prior to his hiring as the chief political strategist to Trump’s campaign, had been the CEO of a conservative news website, would sit on a committee typically reserved only for the upper echelon of the military, raised questions about the scope of his influence within the White House. ~ CNN – Because that’s how unpopular – even CNN said so.

Not that these men have no place in the west wing

Bannon and Kushner might well be right for some West Wing positions—just not the enormous, ill-defined roles they have been given. Kushner may be doing an amazing job according to his peers, but if so he’s doing it with very few qualifying credentials. He has also been accused of having ties to Mossad. Inevitably this leads to critical assessments and difficult decisions. If Trump decides to fire Kushner he is left with at least three problems.

  1. Filling that role
  2. Admitting it was a bad hire
  3. Dealing with the potential fallout

The cruelest fate of all

No matter what Trump does, his critics will find a problem, or invent one. Even if Kushner was more trouble than he’s worth, there would be very little incentive to outright fire him, as doing so presents more challenges than it solves. Naturally social media outlets are teeming with would be problem solvers who probably meant well? Liberals never seem to consider the actual logistics of any of their peanut gallery suggestions such as: “They’re both unqualified hired by someone who’s unqualified. Fire them all.”

Both were qualified enough to be chosen by the man we qualified as President

Bannon is a Zionist who, along with Stephen Adelson, was given a platform by The Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) at its annual gala on November 20th in New York City.  For anyone familiar with Zionist history and current alliances, this should not come as a surprise but a confirmation. Jared Kushner will certainly be under scrutiny until any ideas about him having ties to Mossad are alleviated or proven, in which case the sharks will take him under. More as it develops.

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