Freedom Watch Letter to Devin Nunes

Freedom Watch Letter to Devin Nunes RE: Whistleblower Montgomery 3/29/2017

Video Courtesy of Alice Liddell YouTube Channel


In a letter dated March 21, 2017 to Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) from Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch, Mr. Klayman demands that Congressman Nunes and his House Permanent and Select Committee on Intelligence investigate the FBI for spying on Americans and unmasking their names.  Mr. Klayman, who founded Judicial Watch, explains he will go public with the information provided him by his client, CIA whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who exposed the spying on and unmasking of the data gathered on presidential candidate Donald Trump as well as other Americans.  Mr. Montgomery had saved millions of files, and has turned those files over to the FBI.

The full letter can be read here:  Letter to Devin Nunes from Larry Klayman

Editor’s note:  This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.

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