Ginseng For Endurance

Ginseng For Endurance

Recently I’ve started using 800 Milligrams of Korean Red Ginseng every day,  to try to improve my energy levels. I hadn’t noticed anything within the first few weeks but didn’t know really if I would, seeing as it wasn’t the typical ginseng used for overall energy support. I work out several times a week and after two weeks of using the red ginseng I did notice a dramatic decrease in recovery time between sets, even while lifting heavier weights. Normally I require at least 1-2 minutes before my heart rate starts going back to normal but during this last workout is wasn’t 45 seconds before I felt ready for another set.

This Isn’t Medical Advise

I’m not a doctor, and I certainly cannot recommend you try anything resembling a medication whether it’s herbal or otherwise. But I can tell you about the healing properties ascribed to ginseng and my own results. Ginseng is being used for everything from treating hypertension, and blood sugar problems to cancer treatments and for good reason. It does exceedingly well in double blind studies against placebos and tends to offer a noticeable difference in metabolic rates. It improves blood flow and that seems to help blood pressure – however it comes with a warning that you should check with a doctor before using it if you have high blood pressure.


It raises good cholesterol and lowers bad cholesterol and if that weren’t enough it helps with vascular issues as well. The recommended dosage is actually a bit higher than what I’ve been using but so far I have no complaints, no odd side effects, no sudden swings in metabolism, no hard crashes like an alternative caffeine supplement. Just a nice calm even energy level and incredible endurance. If you struggle with fatigue or any of the other things mentioned you should probably start doing your research on this incredible herb.

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