fostered child prostitution, sex trafficking, U.S. Senate investigators conclude

June 9, 2017
by Lisa Phillips


Exposing Senator Porter, Senator McCaskill, Senator Heitkamp, Senator McCain, Senator Hassan, Senator Daines, and Senator Harris.

Evidence Shows US Senate Complicit in Child Trafficking and Pedophilia, a classified ad website, is deeply complicit in child sex trafficking, according to a U.S. Senate investigations subcommittee. On January 10, 2017, the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations held hearings on’s Knowing Facilitation of Online Sex Trafficking.


The Senators responsible for allowing to hide behind the First Amendment are complicit and are purposely covering up the Deep State pedophiles in Congress and the Senate.

Full Document Transcipt of the Senate Subcommittee Hearing has been exposing the in our letter campaign to Attorney General Jeff Sessions.  Letter Campaign to Trump/Sessions/Congress/NYPD

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave a speech on pedophila and child trafficking in Atlanta, Georgia on June 6, 2017.  “It’s tempting to become discouraged but we must persevere”, he said.

Jeff Sessions Child Trafficking Statement June 6, 2017 #PIZZAGATE

In our printable letters to US Department of Justice leaders Andrew Weismann, Chief of Fraud Section, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, we demand the National Center for Missing and Endangered Children( (NCMEC)  be brought to justice forth swiftly and as warranted for fraud, both financial and in blocking investigators from access to their website
Amber Alert /Alert Sense, a US Department of Justice agency, Amber Alert  is also in need of investigation for fraud and the potential trafficking of children.


It is imperative that we patriots print and mail the following letters to the people who can represent us in this matter.

View and print the complete set of OpDeepState Letters: OpDeepState Letters Campaign


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