Published on May 20, 2017

Jason Harrison is from Western Australia. He and his mates have been following my case for years.

They’ve taken it upon themselves to research the issues of Israeli spying and Jewish racial and religious supremacism.

Tired of the endless Facebook pages and internet armchair warrior’ing – these Aussie patriots will be hitting the streets.

I talk with Jason over Skype about his plans. Jason shows his knowledge of Talpiot and puts to shame the fake warrior web site class who copy and paste the same shit into their websites every day and beg for donations.

If people will not do something new – like – shock of shocks – hit the streets and expose Israel for ALL that it is – CEASE GIVING THEM MONEY!

Australian Defense Force personel have gotten in touch and are going to hand out flyers. They are taking this information to their commanding officers.

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Video courtesy of Brendon O’Connell

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