REAL goal of climate change alarmism is to achieve global food scarcity

(Natural News) A lot of scientists have been scratching their heads over some of the claims of climate change activists. After all, the results that we’d get from following their advice and getting rid of carbon dioxide, for example, completely fly in the face of their stated goal of making the earth greener. How is it that they can espouse something that would actually have the opposite of its intended effect? There really is only one explanation that makes sense: A greener Earth isn’t really what they want.

What makes the tropical rainforest so lush and brimming with life? If you answered “the rain,” you’d be correct, but have you ever thought about where rain comes from? It’s a complex process, but it essentially comes from water that has been evaporated from oceans and then distributed by the wind according to the influence of various pressure systems. It doesn’t take an environmental science degree to know that this evaporation is caused by warm temperatures. Therefore, it stands to reason that when the planet is warmer, it’s going to be inevitably wetter, which means more water will evaporate from the oceans and fall onto Earth to help grow food crops and forests.

You might not have ever visited a third-world country, but you’ve surely seen videos and photos from these places. You’ve probably seen countless people crowded onto dusty paths, trekking hundreds of miles to fill rudimentary jars with what little fresh water they can find, treating it as a precious commodity they are willing to fight and die for. A desert is an inhospitable place, yet those who deride global warming would end up with more of it if they got their way. In fact, in the 1970s and 1980s, there was widespread concern about the negative effects of global cooling!

What are they really trying to accomplish?

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