RUMOR: Jeff Bezos to reverse Whole Foods’ promise to label GMOs on everything by 2018

(Natural News) Unlike the Washington Post which fabricates fictional “anonymous sources” and prints imaginary assertions as fact, I’m going to tell you up front that this is a rumor: Jeff Bezos is in bed with Monsanto, the rumor goes, and after purchasing Whole Foods, he’s going to reverse the food retailer’s commitment to label all GMOs across everything they sell by the year 2018 (which isn’t far away).

As you may recall, Whole Foods Market promised in 2013 that it would label GMOs on everything it sells by 2018. That date is rapidly approaching, and then out of the blue, Amazon buys Whole Foods Market for $13.7 billion, creating what I call “the world’s largest marketplace of untested health products contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides.” (I’ve posted the lab test results proving that in the story link, above.)

Now, I’m being told by a source who claims to work in the Austin, Texas headquarters of Whole Foods Market that the promise to label all GMOs by 2018 is “looking like it’s going to be dropped” once Amazon takes charge. That’s just one fear among many that’s spreading like wildfire through the Whole Foods employee base. Another fear is that most Whole Foods workers will be replaced by robots, a fear that’s not without basis, given Jeff Bezos’ tendency to eliminate humans with as many automated systems as possible.

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