HSBC rumbled – jail time beckons

July 7, 2017

For years HSBC and their solicitors Weightmans and Restons have been denying and lying about having done anything illegal by applying illegal collection charges to debts owed to the bank, via HFC Bank and John Lewis Financial Services. However, in January of this year the FCA announced (having previously covered up the fraud)  that HSBC had “voluntarily” agreed to repay £4,000,000 of those illegal charges. The true figure should be £80-100m.

Here is the bank’s Chair, Douglas Flint once again denying and lying about the extent of the fraud, and trying to mock me in the process (I have always said that the total detriment is over £1bn, which it is, since HFC Bank, which HSBC purchased in 2003, was established in the UK in the 1970s):

Read more and watch the video:  HSBC rumbled – jail time beckons

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