Stop ALL Mandatory Vaccination in ALL states #FightBack #Vaxxed

As we see more and more of our constitutional rights and parental rights being stripped from us…

WE THE PEOPLE ask that ALL vaccines be made optional as they had been in the past and that health departments in every state continue or go back to offering vaccine exemptions to those parents who feel the need to not vaccinate their children.

WE THE PEOPLE do not believe children are to be possessions of the state. Our children were not given to the state to raise. They were given to us by God. As their parents we have parental rights that we refuse to relinquish. Those rights include and are not limited to deciding WHAT gets injected into our children.

We will not sit idly by as our parental rights get stripped away. We will come together as one and fight for our rights to protect our children and to raise our children the way we feel is best.

Parents have the right to refuse vaccinations. Parents have the right to make their own informed decision as to whether to vaccinate or not. Parents have the right to be able to send their children to public schools with their exemptions.

As you continue to see more and more rights being stripped away from parents you will see a unity that you have never seen before. As parents, vaxxers and non-vaxxers will come together to make sure the government understands that we do not believe our children are government property. We will fight back, for as long as we need to until our parental rights are respected.

Since when does the government NOT work for the people?

WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND all mandatory vaccination to cease and for exemptions to be brought back to states like California, Mississippi, and West Virginia. Give parents back the choice that was never yours to make with their children to begin with.

Here’s the main reason to sign the petition:  Biologist Proves Measles Isn’t A Virus, Wins Supreme Court Case Against Doctor

Sign the petition:  Stop ALL Mandatory Vaccination in ALL states


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