Putin Says to Name Deep State Names and Their Crimes OR He Will

Published on July 6, 2017

Russia’s President Putin warned the United States to do two things, one of them is UFO disclosure, and the other is for President Trump to start naming the names of pedophiles, or he will. Both presidents know that pedophilia is the common link that glues the deep state together via blackmail by SERCO’s face recognition software installed in thousands of hotels worldwide.

Putin’s announcement came just one day before the G20 Summit (July 7-8, 2017) in Hamburg, Germany.

The way to call them out is to arrest and indict them.


Video Courtesy of The Common Sense Show YouTube Channel

It’s a matter of urgency that we patriots let President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as well as our congress(wo)men and the NYPD know that we support them but ONLY if they release the 650,000 Hillary Clinton/Huma Abedine/John Podesta emails implicating their crimes of treason against the United States.

To print the letters we have provided for your convenience, go to Letters to Trump, Sessions, Congress, and the NYPD

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