Dr Cantwell: Man-made HIV/AIDS Was Government Eugenics Program

Thirty-five million people worldwide have died of AIDS; and millions more are currently infected. How did AIDS start? 

My research suggests HIV entered the gay population via an experimental hepatitis B vaccine that had been contaminated by a chimpanzee virus.

This vaccine was administered to gay men in preliminary trials shortly before 1976-1977 and during the actual hepatitis B experiment (1978-1980) at the New York Blood Center in Manhattan.

These were exclusively in young, healthy, primarily white and well-educated homosexuals in Manhattan. And it was closely followed by the “gay plague” of AIDS.

A bit of background: forced transfer of deadly viruses between animal species held in laboratories, and the development of cancer and AIDS-like immunosuppressive viruses, were commonplace as part of the “War on Cancer” during the years from 1968 to 1980.

The Special Cancer Virus Program (1968-1980) that preceded AIDS

The Special Cancer Virus Program, under the direction of the NIH — National Institutes of Health — was initiated by President Nixon as part of his “War on Cancer.”

This program, the SCVP, involved the leading virologists and medical research institutions in America.

Its purpose was to prove that certain animal viruses could cause human cancer.

This required the dangerous transfer of viruses between animal species, as well as adapting these viruses into human cells.

In the laboratory process, numerous AIDS-like retroviruses were created.

I read many of the annual reports by the Special Cancer Virus Program at the time.

They repeatedly stated that animal-derived “human candidate viruses” would not be tested in humans. Just contemplate that phrase – human candidate viruses!

This genetic engineering of viruses was largely kept hidden from the public.

And hardly anyone saw the ease with which these animal viruses (particularly primate viruses) could mysteriously contaminate laboratories and go unrecognized.

For example, Robert Gallo, a Project Officer in the SCVP program, reported a discovery in 1975 of a “new” and “human” HL-23 virus.

It eventually proved to be three different contaminating ape viruses (gibbon ape virus, simian sarcoma virus, and baboon endogenous virus).

Gallo claimed he had no idea how these primate viruses contaminated his laboratory.

The myth of Patient Zero who brought AIDS to America

In October 2016 the mainstream media finally exonerated Patient Zero, the Canadian airline steward who had been accused [by that very media] of bringing AIDS to America.

Gaetan Dugas, his real name, developed swollen lymph glands in 1979. Diagnosed with Kaposi’s sarcoma (the so-called “gay cancer” of AIDS) in New York City in 1980, he died of kidney failure in 1984 at age 31.

The New York Times (October 26, 2016), which has always avoided serious discussion of the man-made theory of AIDS, headlined ‘HIV arrived in the U.S. long before Patient Zero.’

Dugas was vindicated by computer calculations made by molecular biologists using genetic sequences from the earliest blood specimens of HIV-positive gay men.

These had been – and still are? — stored at the New York Blood Center in 1978-1979.

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