The Importance of Understanding the JQ

August 2, 2017

Red Ice Creations/Red Ice Radio presents a brilliant interview with Dr. Kevin MacDonald explaining the importance of the JQ.

In the members’ hour, we begin by considering divisions within the Western Jewish community. Kevin explains that while Jews might disagree on many issues, there is a large consensus when it comes to immigration, refugees, and the separation between church and state. This leads to a discussion on the abundance of Jewish think tanks, and the need for Whites to have organizations representing their interests. Later, Kevin offers advice for talking about Jewish influence without sounding like a complete lunatic. The members’ hour also covers the prevalence of state-funded, anti-White propaganda, and recent developments in the Trump administration.

We at support Red Ice Creations as subscribers, and invite you to be a part of the discussion.  Go to Red Ice Creations and sign up so you can listen to hour 2 of this exceptional interview.

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