Sessions Bribed?

** This Information has been RETRACTED!

I must retract any information I have previously posted on that comes from Stew Webb or any of the guests on his show.  Webb is an FBI informant according to Ted Gunderson:  The Last Threat of Terrorism By Ted Gunderson(Retired-F.B.I)

Mr. Stew Webb blocked my IP address from his website immediately after I visited it while looking for more information on Attorney General Sessions being bribed.

Published on August 5, 2017

Breaking News!

Attorney General Jeff Sessions may have been bribed.

Listen to the following evidence.

Tom Heneghan and Stew Webb report he has intel Jeff Sessions may have been offered a $15 million bribe to protect the Bush Clinton crime syndicate! Judicial Watch just outed Jeff Sessions as covering up regarding FOIA requests on the Clinton Lynch tarmac meeting! Jeff Sessions’ DOJ covered up the talking points and won’t release them! Jeff Sessions is a total FRAUD in my opinion and will not lock up Hillary or anybody else for that matter. Our country is total joke! Trump will be killed or removed unless he takes action FAST! The time for talking is over! Spread the word! Sessions has been compromised! Tweet to Trump! He takes action NOW or he’s toast!

**Editor’s note:  This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.

Video courtesy of Truth Warriors

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