Real story behind Russia sanctions

Published on July 30, 2017

Betsy and Thomas discuss the recent vote on Russian sanctions and the options Trump has to derail this political lie based upon false “opposition research” – what the Anonymous Patriots call political espionage, propaganda, and lies.

Obama’s political stunts to “punish” Russia with sanctions over the fake DNC Russian hacking narrative and the Fusion GPS “Trump/Russian Dossier” are an embarrassment to international diplomacy, especially because Obama said repeatedly that the Russian’s did not change a “single vote.”

Trump, the Russian’s, and We the People are still waiting to see the first speck of evidence, even after two lengthy and expensive “intelligence” reports have already been written that found no evidence whatsoever.

Editor’s note:  This excellent podcast outlays in detail the many factions of the the Deep State and how each is involved with oil pipelines, as well as the details on why the Obama administration staged the coup on Ukraine and how it relates the sanctions put on Russia by Congress and President Trump in 2017.

This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.

Video courtesy of American Intelligence Media


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