Senate Bill S. 722 Removes President Trump as Commander in Chief

August 19, 2017

by Lisa Phillips

In a recent news post we reported the real story behind the Russia sanctions.  Anonymous Patriots Thomas and Betsy outlayed in detail the many factions of the the Deep State and how each is involved with oil pipelines, as well as the details on why the Obama administration staged the coup on Ukraine and how it relates the sanctions put on Russia by Congress and President Trump in 2017.

On July 23, 2017, Sorcha Faal (who we believe to be patriots inside the US State Department) reported the United States Congress is preparing to pass a new law this coming week that if enacted, would essentially remove President Donald Trump from power and amount to an open declaration of war on the entire Federation—and that President Putin has vowed “will be met by force”.

According to this report, a new US law deceptively named Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 (in order to keep the American people from knowing its true nature) was introduced in the US Senate and passed by a vote of 98-2—and whose final version, posted on the US House of Representatives website last night, shows its true “aim/goal” as more 80% of it is devoted solely to taking all power away from President Trump, while at the same time openly declares war on Russia.

Under the US Constitution that provides for a tripartite (3 part) form of government equally dividing state power among the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch and Judicial Branch, this report explains, President Trump is the federal official primarily responsible for the relations of the United States with foreign nations—but should this new law pass this week, it would remove all such powers from the Executive Branch giving them, instead, to the US Congress—who shockingly in the final version of this bill takes Executive Orders signed by President Barack Obama and makes them law.

In 2014, this report notes, President Obama signed Executive Orders 13660, 13661, 13662, 13685, 13694 and 13757 imposing sanctions on Russia, which the Executive Branch has the power to do—but for the first time in American history, the US Congress, as the Legislative Branch, takes these Executive Orders signed by Obama and orders President Trump not to ever remove them—thus effectively negating his ability to conduct foreign policy.

Executive Order 13660

Executive Order 13661

Executive Order 13662

Executive Order 13685

A section of this new law titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF PIPELINES IN THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION, this report notes, further orders President Trump to destroy all energy related activities in Russia—with another section titled MODIFICATION OF IMPLEMENTATION OF EXECUTIVE ORDER 13662 stating that President Trump is, also, to begin the complete destruction of Russia’s railways, mining and metal sectors that employ millions.

Another section of this new law titled IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS RELATING TO SPECIAL RUSSIAN CRUDE OIL PROJECTS, this report continues, orders President Trump, likewise, to destroy any company in the world that cooperates with Russia’s state owned energy companies supplying natural gas to the European Union—with a section titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO INVESTMENT IN OR FACILITATION OF PRIVATIZATION OF STATE-OWNED ASSETS BY THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION going even further by ordering President Trump to keep Russia from even being able to privatize its government owned energy assets—that in the US is called capitalism.

In the section of this new law titled IMPOSITION OF SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO ACTIVITIES OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION UNDERMINING CYBERSECURITY, this report says, President Trump is further ordered to being the wholesale destruction of Russia’s entire internet structure in retaliation for Russia’s supposed hacking of the US election—and that Foreign Minister Lavrov has stated the US has given absolutely no evidence for and his stating: “I cannot imagine that with the experience of the CIA, National Security Agency, FBI and many other intelligence and special services in the United States, there are no experts who can present to the public the facts the way which would not compromise the sources. If this is the case, then there is no single professional in all these 17 structures. I cannot just believe in it”.

As Syria’s “grip of steel” against ISIS shows that the end is near for these global terrorists, this report continues, another section of this new law titled SANCTIONS WITH RESPECT TO THE TRANSFER OF ARMS AND RELATED MATERIEL TO SYRIA orders President Trump to destroy anyone rearming Syria too—and whose only beneficiary, of course, will be the Islamic terrorists America keeps saying they want to defeat, but never do.

With Russia controlling the only access to the International Space Station (ISS), this report says, the only seemingly favorable section of this new law is titled EXCEPTION RELATING TO ACTIVITIES OF THE NATIONAL AERONAUTICS AND SPACE ADMINISTRATION—but whose words are actually meaningless as President Putin has previously stated all US access to this space station will be denied upon sanctions being enacted, and has further ordered the shutting down of 11 bases controlling the American’s worldwide GPS system.

In a nutshell, Barry Soetoro aka Barack Hussein Obama staged a coup on Ukraine, then declared a State of Emergency to prohibit US intelligence agencies from cooperating in any way with Russian intelligence agencies or military—to include battling Islamic terrorists.  Once the puppet government was in place in Ukraine, Hillary Clinton and her Deep State cohorts in the main stream media set about the Russian collusion lie to undermine duly elected President Trump and to tie his hands and the American people from negotiating entry into the New Silk Road economic plan.

Instead of the main stream media reporting on President Trump’s delegation to the G20 to negotiate investment opportunities, they continued with a constant barrage of 24/7 fake Russian collusion stories in the 2016 election.

On August 2, 2017 we reported  Trump Signs Russia Sanctions Bill, But Lays Out His Concerns About the Law.

On August 3, 2017 we reported  President Trump sidesteps an impeachment trap in the Russian sanctions law and prepares a challenge to Supreme Court.

There have been 33 amendments to the S.722 – Countering Iran’s Destabilizing Activities Act of 2017 and there have been 5 roll call votes.   Once it passes, President Trump will no longer have control of the US military.  The military will be controlled by Central Bankers who will probably deem it necessary for the United States to declare war on Russia in order for the multi-national corporation Fusion GPS to seize control of the oil pipelines in Rumania and Kazakhstan which provide all of Europe with energy.

For now, we must fight the passage of S. 722 and hope the US Supreme Court votes against the sanctions against Russia and Iran, who is seemingly an ally of Russia.

Stay tuned to as we continue to follow developments in this story.

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