An Open Letter To The Courageous “Spooks.”

September 6, 2014

by Richard Margarit

Who are the Courageous spooks? Who are these men who sacrifice their lives during and AFTER they leave CIA? They are sometimes referred to as whistlblowers, by the lawful, and “traitors” by the lawless. Congress started the first whistleblower protection law in the United States on July 30, 1778 as to give the whistleblower some security. This includes others in the intelligence field as well as business, entertainment, academia, etc. This is not to say that all those in the Intelligence business are corrupt. There are many good, honest people that are in the NSA, CIA and other parts of the Intelligence world. However, as one tries to climb the ladder of success within these agencies, some find it harder and harder to say NO when tasked to do things that they know are illegal and immoral.

People like Gene “Chip” Tatum, William Robert “Tosh” Plumlee, John Stockwell just to name a few are among the real heroes of America, in as much as they have seen the evils of this government and decided to not just keep silent, but to warn their countrymen, and the world of the corruption, and illegality of not just those in high places, politically, but also militarily and businesses, as well as those of foreign interests.

I don’t want to leave out those who have been victims of MKULTRA, especially the women. Many of whom were groomed since they were children by CIA and their “paid assets” who have done some of the most horrific things imaginable to these children. There is a special little “hot spot” in hell for these animals that harmed, and are still harming children today. It is well known that child prostitution is wide spread and flourishing in Washington (and around the world) with many of its clients being congressman, senators and even presidents. Not to mention the drug use by at least several of our presidents, one who is now in office ILLEGALLY.

The testimony that these women have given of their ordeals, including being “passed around” and “owned” literally, by some politicians in the US and other leaders of the world would make a grown man cry like a baby. There are no words that can describe not only what they have gone through, but are still going through emotionally as adults.

Some may say that the “protection” of the whistleblowers are a sham, because they still are harassed by the people that they are blowing the whistle on. Many of these people are murdered, many are “suicided” attempted assassinations, imprisoned, gang stalked, threatened and blackmailed. Yet those who survive still plug along.

For the courageous spooks, you will not see their names on the wall at Langley, medals on their chests or applauded by the CORRUPT media. But they will always be heroes in our hearts. The more they are targeted the more they are validated. These are people that can look at their children and be satisfied that they have done and still are doing the right thing. Their children and grandchildren can talk of their parents with pride and their heads held high.

So I speak for many of us who who are aware of you guys and women who are putting yourselves out there. We salute you and want to thank you for all that you have done and are doing. You are not wasting your time by coming forward, you are making a difference and we thank you all for it.

And to those reading this article and support them secretly, please come out of the shadows. If the above people can risk their lives in “coming out” for you then we should also at least raise our voices louder than we have in the past in any way that we can. Do not fear the evil ones. It is better to go down in a blaze of glory fighting a just and godly cause with a clear conscious, than to close your eyes to EVIL and live the rest of your lives knowing that you have done just that.


Source:  An Open Letter To The Courageous “Spooks.”


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