Elizabeth Beck, Afraid For Her Life, Blows Clinton Body Count Wide Open

Published on September 18, 2017

Elizabeth Beck blows the Clinton Body Count wide open as she connects the dots between assassinated prosecutor Beranton J. Whisenant Jr., Florida State Attorney Jay Plotkin, and the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL.  Both Beranton Whisemant and Jay Plotkin both worked in the Florida State Attorney’s office at the same time.  A lawsuit was thrown out in 2015 against the Mayo Clinic regarding an organ transplant in Jacksonville, Florida by Judge Harvey Schlesinger who is Jay Plotkin’s son in law.

Thomas J. Brokaw, Senator Thomas A. Daschle, Richard B. Cheney, Barbara P. Bush, Paul A.Volker are all board of trustees of the Mayo Clinic.  There is a Clinton Foundation connection to Haiti to the organ donations/harvesting at the Mayo Clinic.

Elizabeth Beck and her husband, Jared Beck, were lawyers for the DNC fraud lawsuit claiming Bernie Sanders supporters were ripped off because the Democrat primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton.  This lawsuit has since been dismissed by Judge William Zloch.


Video courtesy of James Tay





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