Natural Disaster’s & FEMA & A.I. Lock-Down!

Published on September 24, 2017

ALL these disasters are fake to bring about the A.I. lock-down system, and that Nibiru isn’t behind these disaster’s! America’s forest fires, hurricanes and earthquakes are being deliberately caused to bring about the 5G control grid, which is private and disguised as a public safety program to bring about Agenda 21.

The Forest Service spokeswoman doesn’t know she is being recorded. The movie “Only the Brave” is exposed, having been filmed last year, and the Verizon plans to put the 5G “smart” grid are also exposed.

The US military has already trained to round people up with their Jade Helm drills of 2015.

FEMA is behind all of this. We’re gulag bound unless we fight back!

Video courtesy of cindy garay

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