Trump Admin Gives Employers Religious Option on Birth Control, Reversing Obama’s Forced Mandate

October 7, 2017

by Red Pill

In a huge moral and religious victory for employers across America, the President Trump Administration through the Health and Human Services department announced that they’re reversing the forced birth control mandate of the Communist Obama years.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services the new rule, which will take effect immediately will add an exemption which includes “any non-profit organization that have a religious or moral objection to providing contraception.”

Back in 2012 Obamacare forced employers in both the small business sector as well as corporations and government agencies to provide birth control to women at no cost to them; of course putting a major burden on those industries and startups basically telling them they would have to be responsible for a woman’s promiscuous behavior.

That was Obama’s mantra; making everyone else accountable for the actions of others instead of teaching responsibility and educating the public.

Religious institutions rejected Obama’s deal with an amazing outcry stating that he was overstepping the division of church and state by forcing them to essentially prevent child-births which as per their religion was morally incompatible.

Those disagreements led to the churches suing the Obama Administration and eventually having two Supreme Court hearings on the matters; where SCOTUS then ordered the Administration and the religious organizations to come to a compromise which never actually happened.

The new rule will immediately destroy Obama’s Communist Mandate and is bring touted by religious leaders as a major victory for their individual freedoms and Constitutional Rights.

This is considered as a huge win for both social Conservatives and Christians, which in order to begin only tells those groups they have to notify their employees in writing they will no longer provide birth control or contraceptives on their dime.

If you want to spread your legs, you’re going to have to pay for it just like anyone else. Degeneracy is not something that the whole of the United States of America should have to pay for.

Men don’t get funding for condoms, and women should equally have to pay for their birth control seeing as this is an equal rights nation for both.

We’re winning the culture war folks, lemme tell ya; thanks to President Donald J. Trump.

Source:  Trump Admin Gives Employers Religious Option on Birth Control, Reversing Obama’s Forced Mandate


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