Who Hacked Equifax and Why?

Anonymous Patriots Thomas and Betsy explain how the Equifax fraud and theft of 143 million customer profiles is a sly way for Google’s Alphabet to collect your personal information in order to keep you contained in a cyber credit box. Why is the IRS partnering with Equifax and what is the company FireEye’s role in this breach?

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Equifax Fraud Intended to Put You in a Cyber Credit Box

Published October 5, 2017 courtesy of American Intelligence Media

Bannon meets with ‘Yoda’ and Kissinger

Betsy was very concerned when she read in Breitbart that Steve Bannon had a meeting with Henry Kissinger and Highland Forum’s Andrew Marshall. The Anonymous Patriots have written plenty about these two in their citizen intelligence reports so when Betsy saw both names together in one article, she knew Thomas and the conclave would be interested. Before Thomas answers her question about the meeting, he answers a few questions from our listeners and gives insight into what is really happening with the Equifax incident where 143 million Americans’ credit records have been severely compromised. Thomas explains that it was NO HACK – but a planned sabotage so that Google-Alphabet can control your personal identity.

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Published September 30, 2017 courtesy of American Intelligence Media

In a nutshell, the Equifax Hack was an inside job so the CIA/IRS could obtain all the data of the American people.  There is a back door data pipeline from the NSA to Technion, in Israel.  Everything the American people do, by the way of communicating, except for the US Post Office, is spied upon and the data is stored and analyzed.   The “matrix” is an electronic control grid.


Editor’s notes:  Steve Bannon recently posted a tweet that said all incumbents must be voted out in the midterm elections EXCEPT Ted Cruz.  Ted Cruz is a Neoconservative who puts Israel ahead of the United States.  Ted Cruz’s father was the CIA schill who participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba and helped to assassinate JFK.  That should be enough for you to boycott Breitbart News.

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