Helicopters Involved In Vegas Shooting? (Elite hunting the common man)

This video was originally published on Youtube by Truth Tracker on October 9, 2017

I do not ask you to be convinced, to the contrary I ask you review the information in this video and do your own research. Mandalay Bay sits West of the airport. All helicopter traffic lifts off and travels North up the runway.

Lifting off right above the festival area. When helicopters take off from the airport they travel North past the Mandalay Bay, lifting off directly East of the hotel. If they are going to the Grand Canyon, they lift off and fly East as the Grand Canyon is on an exact eastern path of Mandalay and the airport.

If say they are Maverick Helicopters whom do tours of the strip. They lift off the same way and travel North over the concert area. You can look up the tour maps online and watch full tours on YouTube. Now when these tour helicopters do land, they do pass behind the Mandalay Bay traveling in a western track. No helicopters take off at the rear of the runway.

The helicopter seen in the video lifts off or flies in from the bottom of the runway, or from the east, and passes behind the Mandalay. Look up a video on YouTube called Escape From Las Vegas. In the video you will see that this same chopper repeats this path of traveling behind Mandalay Bay for the entire shooting incident. When shooting stops it disappears.

Thanks for watching. At different intervals I believe helicopters are being mistaken as gun fire. Could this explain why you never see muzzle flashes from the Mandalay Bay?

Who would have the capability to correlate an attack with Stephen Paddock and means to use helicopters? We must ask ourselves the tough questions. Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth. To Be Continued… Video By Chris Laubach.



Due to issues with the DTube uploader, the above video won’t play on cellphones, so here is the original video on Youtube:  Helicopters Involved In Vegas Shooting? Stephen Paddock/Possible 3 Shooters – unfortunately, you must sign in to Youtube to prove you are over 18 years old to view it.

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