The Biggest Psyop in Political History #TrumpTrain

November 13, 2017

Compiled by Lisa Phillips of

It was 17 sealed indictments in Washington DC, it’s now 31. Heads are about to roll. And President Donald Trump has played the Obama-Clinton crime cartel like a fiddle. You are about to witness something that was deemed to be an impossibility just one year ago.  This video helps to explain, in a nutshell, the reverse propaganda President Trump used during the election to put the Deep State on trial.  If you haven’t been able to wrap your head around the events as they have unfolded, this brilliant video explains it all.

Both Attorney General Jeff Sessions and President Trump knew the complete details of the Uranium One scandal during the Presidential campaign of 2016.


Video published on November 8, 2017 courtesy of SGTreport

This video has been mirrored for safe keeping.

On November 9, 2017, Abel Danger‘s Field McConnell reported that the number of indictments so far (17) is the same number of names he provided in his message to President Trump.  A law enforcement officer in Las Vegas, Nevada who has communications with Abel Danger, hand carried that message to President Trump directly after the Las Vegas Massacre which occurred on October 1, 2017.

11-9-2017 CAI Carbon Junket Bridge, Wilbur Greeks Mentor Kelley Phone

Video published on November 9, 2017 courtesy of Abel Danger

On October 10, 2017, we reported:  Was the CIA behind the Las Vegas Massacre & Will Trump Disclose it Publicly?


by Robin Westenra

Today is the one year anniversary of Donald J. Trump winning the Presidency.  He promised to “drain the swamp” that is Washington, DC and today, it looks like he is making good on that promise.
A storm of unbelievable proportion is apparently heading for Washington, DC as the federal district court Docket there now shows THIRTY-ONE (31) Sealed criminal indictments pending!

While the existence of Sealed Indictments on a federal docket is not unusual, seeing THIRTY-ONE is very unusual.

While the Docket itself does not reveal either the Defendant or the Prosecutor, “skuttlebutt” around the courthouse says they are all from Special Counsel Mueller’s office.  If the skuttlebutt  is true, it appears a slew of very powerful and well known people are about to have their lives smashed by the federal legal system.

Here is the Docket:  More on the sealed indictments


If you have been watching the clues and updates provided by Washington, DC insider Q Clearance Patriot, the number of sealed indictments at the time of this post is over 200.  Hillary and Chelsea Clinton, as well as John McCain, are all wearing a medical boot, possibly to hide an ankle monitor.

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