Michael Collins Piper – The Mossad Link to the Martin Luther King Assassination

Q Clearance Patriot left some clues pertaining to who owns the “black vote” in America. Martin Luther King intended to align his movement with the Palestinians in the 1960’s. His assassination also ties in with Israel stealing America’s nuclear technology (Numec Coverup) so that the Israelis could use the Samson Option (threat of annihilation of Europe) to blackmail world leaders who would not comply with the demands of the Ashkenazi Jews who conquered Palestine in 1948.

During the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump specifically stated “We all bleed red blood” and included all Americans in his quest to make America great again. Most recently, in Trump’s speech upon his return from his Asian tour, he stated his goal was peace in Palestine. Not Israel, but “Palestine”.

The Marxist Jews have always aligned themselves with the very people they brought to North America as slaves so that they could increase their numbers and gain control over the Democrat Party.  Under the guise of “sympathy for the down trodden”, and using the holohoax lie, the Marxist Jews were instrumental in creating the Welfare State in America.

Michael Collins Piper was assassinated for telling the truth.


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