#QAnon Book of Clues & Indictments & Where to look on 8chan for Q Clues

Compiled by Lisa Phillips of OpDeepState.com

UPDATED May 31, 2018

Notable Resignations

Thread: https://8ch.net/cbts/res/146483.html – Please help and post more Info in this thread. Thx!:



This is a list of the CEO’s who have stepped down so far (double click on the picture to enlarge it)

What’s needed, is research connecting these people to New World Order groups such as the Pilgrim’s Society, the World Wildlife Federation, the Bilderberg Steering Committee, drug traffickers, and the 1001 Club.

The Engine: Key Foundations of the CIA (Deep State)

1001 Club Membership List

WikiSpooks is an open licensed, open source encyclopedia of deep politics. This whole site is freely downloadable.

WikiSpooks Main-page.png — An encyclopedia of deep politics

Beyond the Dutroux Affair – Protected Child Abuse and Snuff Networks

List of Drug Traffickers

Dan Brown and the Real Opus Dei

Who Controls America?

Sayanim and Hasbara

Cain’s Creed: Cult of Rome by Omar Zaid, MD


UPDATED January 5, 2018

Direct access to Q Clues:  https://qcodefag.github.io/

To search for flights in real time: FlightRadar24.com

Sealed indictments:  October 30, 2017 – December 22, 2017:  Sealed Indictments

UPDATED December 25, 2017

QAnon Post compendium PDF file

UPDATED December 20, 2017

Anyone still in doubt about President Trump knowing about Q Clearance Patriot (QAnon)?


December 4, 2017

As promised in our OpDeepState newsletter, here are Q Clearance Patriot’s clues from October 28, 2017 – November 21, 2017:

American Intelligence Media’s The Book of Q

Sealed Cases in Federal Courts, a Case Study:


Sealed Federal Court Proceedings, all 94 US Districts, from October 30, 2017 – November 22, 2017

For more articles on QAnon, please use the QANON menu option on this website.

Q Clearance Patriot Analysis of Breadcrumbs Report #QAnon





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