NSA Doles Out Massive $112 Billion In High-Tech Contracts Over Last Two Years

January 29, 2018

by Frank Konkel, Nextgov

Just in the last two years, the NSA has granted over $112 billion in high-tech contracts to private industry representing just over $400 for every man, woman and child in America. This is ten times more than their own basic budget, so the question is, how do these contracts get funded? The second question is, Is the NSA forming outright Fascist relationships with private industry? ⁃ TN Editor

Following a resolved bid protest, the National Security Agency can now begin work with telecommunications giant AT&T on the second of three massive tech contracts that make up the agency’s classified Groundbreaker program.

The Government Accountability Office denied a protest last week, filed by losing bidder DXC Technology, allowing AT&T to begin executing on an IT contract that sources tell Nextgovcould be worth up to $2 billion.

The deal follows another $2.4 billion tech contract the NSA awarded in September to tech firm CSRA, which–together with a third contract the NSA has yet to award–will represent a continuation of the Groundbreaker program that dates back to 2001.

Through Groundbreaker, the NSA purchases mission-critical information technology solutions, including its own private cloud, which acts as a repository for the all the agency’s data.

In 2001, NSA awarded the first Groundbreaker contract, worth up to $5 billion over 10 years, to the Eagle Alliance, a cadre of contractors led by Computer Sciences Corporation, which is now CSRA.

The same group, which includes other major contractors such as Northrop Grumman, won NSA’s recompete of Groundbreaker, which was set to expire in September 2017.

The resolved bid protest is another boon for AT&T’s government business, which has scored a string of high-profile federal contracts.

Source:  NSA Doles Out Massive $112 Billion In High-Tech Contracts Over Last Two Years


During the past three weeks, Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law vast new powers for the NSA and the FBI to spy on innocent Americans and selectively to pass on to law enforcement the fruits of that spying.

Those fruits can now lawfully include all fiber-optic data transmitted to or in the United States, such as digital recordings of all landline and mobile telephone calls and copies in real time of all text messages and emails and banking, medical and legal records electronically stored or transmitted.

All this bulk surveillance had come about because the National Security Agency convinced federal judges meeting in secret that they should authorize it. Now Congress and the president have made it the law of the land.

Every American is being spied upon, and every electronic communication is then transfered from the NSA to Technion, Incorporated in Israel.  This surveillance and act of treason by the NSA is better known as Operation Talpiot.

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