CIA Whistleblower Terry Reed

Down the rabbit hole: meet Terry Reed, ex-CIA man who dishes about drug-smuggling

Terry Reed worked for the CIA in Mexico.  When he refused to traffic drugs, he was framed by the corrupt FBI.  A fascinating true story about a man and his family who fought back and won.

Some comments on this video:

Maxine Waters could be involved in Terry’s story when she thought she had found out that the CIA drugs being flown in to Arkansas were being used in California. Three books are all you need to read for the whole story. The Man That Made It Show In Florida by Max Merblestien, Terry Reed’s book Compromised, and Berry And The Boys. How do I know..? Of course its secret..(chuckle)..! You might in interested in a helicopter pilot with the code name Pegasus..!!

I have met Terry and you have no idea from this video how hard their lives became trying to expose this. I am appalled that there no comments here and only a little over 400 views. This is a huge story! This money was used to fund both the Clinton and Bush Campaigns. Not to mention how many lives were ruined by US supplied Cocaine!

I have met Terry, also. We were in the Air Force at the same time which opened doors to the conversation. I can’t believe either that this didn’t blow up again. Clinton’s were knee deep in cocaine traffic. I am wondering why Terry is quiet about all of this. Trump could have used him in his campaign.

Video (mirrored) published on October 26, 2015 courtesy of Michelle Barajas

You can find Terry Reed’s book on Amazon:  Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA


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