Billy Graham Exposed!

February 21, 2018

Billy Graham Exposed (Full Documentary)

Did Billy Graham start a movement of apostate Protestant preachers bringing the protestant churches back to Rome? Was he a freemason? You decide!

Video (mirrored) published on June 5, 2014 courtesy of kytekuttertv


Eustace Mullins – Billy Graham is a Mason

Eustace Mullins in Idaho 1991, exposes the finances of Billy Graham.

Video (mirrored) published on June 5, 2014 courtesy of TheRapeOfJustice



The late Dave Hunt exposed Billy Graham for his deep compromise of the truth, his love affair with Roman Catholicism, and his unfaithfulness to Scripture.

Video (mirrored) published on September 19, 2017 courtesy of PROPHECY GUIDE


EXPOSED! What Do Retired (resigned) Pope Benedict, Billy Graham and Bernie Madoff Have in Common?

Retiring ( resigning ) Pope Benedict XVI, Ecumenical Billy Graham and “The Mighty Money Man of Wall Street” Bernie Madoff exposed as some of the most successful and long lasting con-artists in history. Millions of innocent people are still being deceived by their lies and now they will all be retired.

Whether it is the sexual abuse cover up by the retiring (resigning) Pope Benedict XVI and the Vatican or the ecumenical hypocrisy of Billy Graham; one thing is for sure; they are the pre-eminent con-artists of our day and have been very successful in amassing large fortunes and living in splendor and are now retired or retiring.

They have lured millions of people to a false religion and all the while claiming to be “men of God”. They have exploited the trust and confidence of decent people just like Bernard Madoff did; but even worse, they did it using God’s name in vain…that is NOT funny! Resigning Pope Benedict and Billy Graham have also wielded enormous political power.

They are the “kingmakers” of the modern world. All United States Presidents since Truman have had an audience with two men, the popes and the Vatican’s pied piper, Billy Graham. Billy Graham appears to have sold his soul for fame and fortune for the job of making Catholicism and the evil deeds of the Vatican and popes acceptable.

Billy Graham’s message is inconsistent depending on what audience he is speaking with…one day it is “Jesus only”, the next day it is ANY way gets you to Heaven…the only difference is what audience he is trying to lure in. Funny that, Pope Benedict made the disgusting and rampant child abuse cases secret by declaring them a ‘pontifical secret” not open to the light of day.

He also has refused to severely punish anyone for their rape of innocent children and the destruction of their lives. Over 30,000+ CHILDREN have been reported to have been raped and sodomized by the wretched priests and to make matters worse the Roman Catholic Church not only refused to report them to police but also covered up evidence and transferred pedophile priests to new parishes where they raped and sodomized again.

Let him who has eyes to see, see this and consider: The Vatican is NOT the Christian “City on a Hill” that many believe it to be; but it is the City on Seven Hills. The Vatican is the Synagogue of Satan and the pope is it’s high priest (pontifex maximus).

All that worship this beast and receive the mark of the beast’s authority will perish with it in the Lake of Fire. Christ will not return for the Roman Catholic Church; but to destroy it under his feet! And the time is close at hand or here already when the last 266th pope will claim to be Petrus Romanus (Peter the Roman) returning for his church; this is really Satan and he knows his time is short; before the Lord of Lord’s and King of King’s returns to expose him and cast him out into the lake of fire. Consider this and repent.

CHRIST ALONE IS OUR HIGH PRIEST AND HE NEVER GAVE HIS CHURCH TO PETER OR ANY POPES, HE KEPT HIS BRIDE FOR HIMSELF! Would you give away your bride to a subordinate just because you were going to be away for a while preparing a place for HER??? We use a lot of funny humor, parody and spoof material in this video to attempt to soften the harsh blow the truth delivers. We realize many of you will be shocked by what you see…so we attempted to make it a little funny, like a spoof.


Video (mirrored) published on February 11, 2013 courtesy of KSISKproductions

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