The Shady Players of the Florida School Shooting

February 23, 2018

The Shady Players of the Florida School Shooting

This video that outlines a few suspicious characters surrounding the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting. Judge Elizabeth Scherer, Sheriff Scott Israel, Rocxanne Deschamps, James Snead, and Roger Cruz.

Watch the video on Vimeo:   The Shady Players of the Florida School Shooting

Video (mirrored) published on February 23, 2018 courtesy of MrStosh

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NIKOLAS CRUZ: Profile of a Manchurian Candidate, Cowardly Deep State Warning To Trump Administration

If you’re really pissed off about this information, you can help by demanding President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions remove INTERPOL’s control over the Justice Department (DOJ).  The FBI is under the jurisdiction of the DOJ, and it’s completely rogue (in case you haven’t noticed).  Please print and mail this letter to Trump and Sessions:

Letter to Trump and Sessions, demanding they remove INTERPOL’s Control over the DOJ


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