Timothy Holmseth Update – Serious Findings Disclosed #PedoGate #Florida

Timothy Holmseth with his granddaughter

Timothy Holmseth Update – Serious Findings Disclosed

Timothy Holmseth is an independent journalist who uncovered a 9-year cover up of an FBI/CIA child trafficking ring.  There’s some powerful people selling babies, and other horrible and unimaginable crimes most of us would not dare to imagine, or report on.  Timothy is an American hero.

Holmseth was arrested and jailed on February 19th, 2017 and released the following day. This video explains the circumstances around his arrest and case. It also includes case evidence that caused MN judge Tamara Yon to VACANT the restraining order.

The restraining order kept Holmseth from researching or publishing any information on his findings surrounding child trafficking. After the judge Vacated the order, Holmseth was free to continue his investigative reporting into the case.

Video (mirrored) published on February 24, 2018 courtesy of Sarah Westall


#Q #QANON – Timothy Holmseth Arrested – Update – PROTECTED WITNESS


Video (mirrored) published on February 20, 2018 courtesy of Timothy Holmseth

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Timothy Holmseth’s research may be found at: http://www.writeintoaction.com/

INTERVIEWS WITH TIMOTHY:  Timothy Charles Holmseth discusses Pedogate


Timothy Holmseth has been approached by US Intelligence under the Trump Presidency to expose elements of a massive international pedophile ring. Holmseth plans to file a lawsuit to expose the CIA and FBI and other federal agencies during the tenure of Sessions, Holder, Lynch, Comey, Mccabe, Wray, and Mueller.

This lawsuit will expose the kidnapping and sale of babies and children in the United States, Haiti, Russia, Mexico, and other countries, and the massive 9 year cover-up by the CIA, FBI, and other federal and local law enforcement agencies.

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