Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of April 5 2018

April 5, 2018

This is raw intel, trust but verify.

Compiled 12:01 am EDT 5 April 2018 by Judy Byington, MSW, LCSW, ret. CEO, Child Abuse Recovery; Author, “Twenty Two Faces,”, Byington’s Before It’s News articles on Cabal/Vatican child abuse:

A. April 4 2018 TNT Call Ray, Tony:…

1.It could be any min. Banks were still preparing for this to go right now.

2. Last week the banks were doing their final preparations to begin this week. Even this morning, the banks were still preparing to do it right now.

3. Some banks reported they were getting ready to begin exchanges (which could be public exchanges) on Mon. April 9. There was a reason the banks were preparing to do exchanges on Mon. April 9.

4. There was a currency exchange center at the Atlanta Airport which had the new rates on the screen, but the screen was covered with paper. Another person in another state reported the same at their airport.

5. Government people here and in Iraq say they already know this was going to happen – they were telling us even if they aren’t telling the rest of the world. The banks have a code telling them the date of the RV, but we do not know what that date is.

6. The Iraqi budget is out and published, but it did not contain the new Dinar rate.

7. All we are waiting on was for the CBI to do it, and they have the authority to do it. Everything else was ready to go: lower denominations, electronic systems in place, connected throughout the world. Their final excuse was publication of the Iraqi Budget. Now that it has been published, the new excuse was the stability of the country. Iraq is as stable as it’s going to be

8. Rates:

Dinar – over $3.00 – Contract Rate (with China): $28.50

Dong – $.47 (Contract rates not available)

Zim – $.10 (some say 6 zeros taken off, some say not) Contract rates available.

9. The committees want to limit you to one billion you could have for yourself and/or ten 100T Zim notes at your first exchange, but the banks haven’t heard that.

10. One person said the Dinar rate on his card increased yesterday morning, so it’s moving. [The CBI site is and it is in Arabic.]

11. The committee says after the rates are announced we can go to the bank and exchange one million dollar’s worth before the 800 numbers come out, but the banks say they are being told that everyone has to call the 800 numbers, which actually makes more sense that lines of people going out the door.

12. I am hoping in the next couple of days the rates would be published. The banks are saying that they are getting ready for next Mon. April 9.

13. China was not involved in the RV when this was put together, but were the reason we have the Contract Rates. They were not involved in the war, so they were excluded from the oil contracts, and then made separate contracts with the groups so that they could get a share of the oil. That’s why they were willing to pay $28.50 for each dinar.

14. China was putting up most of the gold for the GCR, even lending the US gold to take part in Basel III. They are the only country with a hundred-year plan! They take the long-term view, which is why they loaned gold to the US and other countries, and also a major influence in Africa. They do influence the GCR, including the Dong and Zim, but as far as Iraq is concerned, Iran and the US were the major influences.

15. There is only one thing left to do: to just do it. Let’s see what happens today and tomorrow.

B. April 4 2018 12:09 pm EST Intel Alert: Operation Disclosure GCR/RV Intel Alert for April 4, 2018

1. Yesterday April 3 Zimbabwe President Emmerson Mnangagwa signed off on the release of South African Elders’ collateral mineral reserves, allowing China’s new financial system to guarantee all assets and trades globally, permanently, in hard assets.

2. Today April 4 Turkey, Russia, and Iran agreed to guarantee all Central Asia affairs militarily. This replaced the Western world’s master plan of dominance in the Middle East.

3. The USN (United States Note) was activated April 9, 2013. New gold-backed USN bills were issued as a result.

4. America was GESARA compliant and has been since Trump signed the Paris Agreement behind closed doors.

5. RV timing release protocols will be finalized sometime this month once certain events occurred.

C. April 4 2018 11:38 am Call: No Oootah Call Scheduled for Today 4-4-18

There would not be a Wed. April 4 call. We would resume calls for Sat. only if need be. We were close, so sit back, relax and get your paperwork ready.

D. April 4 2018 8:43 pm EST Q Anon Drop: “Big Q Anon Drop Today” by Sierra (NZ) – 4.4.18

E. April 4 2018 11:30 am Q Postings, Corsi: (Video) Dr. Jerome Corsi Decodes Latest QAnon Posts #995-1007 — Corruption Issues April 4 2018 11:35 am Q Postings: QAnon Postings from April 3, 2018 — The Pope will be having a Terrible May Kauilapele’s Blog prior Q postings Dr. Jerome Corsi is an investigative reporter and Washington Correspondent for He is a frequent guest on national talk radio shows and has made appearances on Fox News, MSNBC, C-Span, CNN News and Fox Business News.

Corsi interpretation of Q Posts #995-1007:

1.In April illegal immigration issues were going to blow up to the detriment of the Deep State.

2. Moab Utah – Moab Bomb – Huber’s investigation of Clinton, Obama, etc. has been done secretly out of Utah (Headquarters of Homeland Security Intel) since Nov. 2017. The info would come to light this month of April.

3. “[Pope] will be having a terrible May. Those who backed him will be pushed into the LIGHT Dark to LIGHT. TRUTH.” It’s now hard to be Catholic with the pedophilia, Vatican Bank corruption and Satanic issues within Catholic Church.

[Follows the photo of the Pope’s reception chamber (that looks like an open snake’s mouth)] “Symbolism will be their downfall. MONEY. POWER. INFLUENCE. The BITE that has no CURE – NSA. [NSA? Does that mean all of the Vatican “crap” has been recorded and monitored?]

Byington’s Before It’s News articles on Cabal/Vatican Satanism, corruption and child abuse:

4. Little St. James Island, also known as “Epstein Island” (aka Pedophile Island) has an underground Satanic Temple. Why is Epstein spending $29mm to bury the tunnels underneath temple on Epstein Island? Problem: Phones were allowed in. These people are stupid. Where do roads lead? (image 1, image 2, image 3) Each prince is associated with a cardinal direction: north, south, east and west. Sacrifice. Collect. [could refer to sacrifices and collection of organs, body parts, at the island. I did a DuckDuckgo search.

F. April 4 2018 9:28 pm EST: Final Wakeup Call: Economic Law Demands that the Golden Dawn is Upon us

G. April 3 2018 11:42 pm EST Intel Update, Anon: Anonymous GCR/RV Intel Update for April 3, 2018

1. Beijing reportedly allowed President Mnangagwa to expose his new International Zimbabwe currency in front of senior standing committee members: 100% gold backed by the nation’s incalculable gold reserves confirmed.

2. Immediately after, President Xi announced the Chinese Yuan was gold backed currency.

3. Russia, Iran, Turkey all announced gold backed currencies after by video conference in Ankara.

H. April 4 2018 12:08 am EST, DJM: “The Announcements Did Indeed Start Today!” by DJM – 4.3.18

1.Did you catch the Zimbabwe/China announcement today April 3?

2. There will be more…the China/Zimbabwe meetings don’t end until April 6.

3. Ready for a gold-backed ZIM Bond?? BOOM…April 03 2018! A debt-free, gold-backed Zim Bond?

4. BOOM, BOOM…Announcement will be made prior to April 06, 2018!

5. The Iraq Budget was announced as being published in the official Gazette April 3.

I. April 4 2018 1:18 am EST, DJM: “More Announcements…” by DJM – 4.4.18

1. Sealed Indictments = 24,544 as of April 3 2018.

2. Utah prosecutor John Huber has been secretly investigating Deep State since Nov. 2017.

3. According to Q, indictment seals were broken. April = arrests = AWAN

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This report will be modified shortly….  Stay tuned!

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