Gulag Amerika – Testimony of a Hollywood Insider

Comment from AffinityNetNews

For those who do not now know: There is NO actual Constitutional government whatsoever at the federal, state, county or city level to be found anywhere within ‘Gulag Amerika’ since circa 1871 pursuant to US Statue Code Title II, Sec. 286 (banned from the internet) which states the following; “The United States is a ‘corporation’, under the management of … The International Monetary Fund (IMF) … incorporated. Donald Drumpf (his real name) is not and never has been nor ever will be ‘your’ so-called ‘President’ people. He is in-fact, the CEO, and employee of a French sub-corporation known as: THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA COMPANY INCORPORATED owned and controlled from London City, England by and for the Satanic Rothschild criminal banking cartel, and Donald Drumpf, is an ‘Agent of Foreign Principle’. How do I know this? I was in the motion picture industry for many years in both Hollywood, and NYC primarily in first-run global movie promotion, and later with CBS Nightly News. I saw first-hand the Zionist Jew/Italian Vatican Jesuit/CIA/Mossad absolute vise-grip control over Hollywood/music industry/publishing/Radio and TV networks on a daily basis. There was no attempt to hide it. It was right out in the open. The stories I could tell about all the first-run blockbuster movie promo-parties would blow your minds. Coke, women and sex were litterally everywhere. All security was the from the NYPD/CIA/Mossad/LAPD. Donald Drumpf was all ‘mobbed-up’ way back in the early 1980’s, and it was an open secret. Everything you have heard over the years about Disney … far, far worse than you know… I could go on for hours.


The comment above was found on Jeff Rense and Gordon Duff’s interview:  Jeff & Gordon Duff – War With Russia Over Syria Imminent


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