Townhall Meetings for Patriots: What to Say to the Politicians

April 17, 2018

We at hope the patriots can get some ideas from the following short video clips on what to say to their state and local politicians.  Let’s get busy!

New York State Resistance – “… prime for something like that.” 1/29/13

Video (mirrored) published on February 1, 2013 courtesy of American Freedom Apparel


California activist James Morris confronts the 9/11 Commission:

Video (mirrored) published on September 7, 2006 courtesy of Representative Press ☞


Iraq War Veteran Stands up to Commie Jews to Protect the 2nd Amendment

I cannot stress how important it is to fight back at the local level. It’s happening all across America. Trump supporters are converging on town hall meetings, and literally running the liberal communist Congress(wom)men out of the meetings. These are non-violent protests, and the next step is to vote these traitors out of office, and elect Conservative Constitutional non-Zionists in their place. Every law they have put in place that is unconstitutional must be repealed.

While the liberals are in the streets protesting, we’ll be doing something much more dangerous!

Once you have woken up to the hidden hand behind all of the Cultural Marxism, hi-jacked Christianity, criminal banking, Common Core education, Star Chamber justice system, and BigPharma health care, you will find out who is running the Deep State. Follow the money! Your life, liberty and property are at stake.

Video (mirrored) published on January 22, 2013 courtesy of Legal Insurrection

Meet Kevin Tully – Vet who passionately defended 2nd Amendment at anti-gun event


Full 5G satanic agendas exposed urgent download B4 it is removed-Joe Imbriano tells all

Joe Imbriano on the fraud of local government -Fullerton City Council Meeting – SUBSCRIBE TO THE FULLERTON INFORMER on Youtube.

Watch the video  (short version):

Published (mirrored) on June 15, 2018 courtesy of The Fullerton Informer

Watch the video  (long version):

Published (mirrored) on April 18, 2018 courtesy of The Fullerton Informer

See also:


More to come!  Stay tuned!


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