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April 20, 2018

#OpStopTheUN This Operation is unaffiliated with anonops or any other corrupted Anonymous platform.

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1938 Report from Royal Institute of International Affairs’ Global Meeting”



Greetings world, we are Anonymous. It seems because there are so many fronts where evil must be fought against that we have lost focus on one of the biggest threats that humanity is facing, like an asteroid wiping out the human race. Which is, the United Nations. But unlike an asteroid we can stop the United Nations.

Make no mistake, the United Nations is the World Government, Agenda 21 is the agenda into the New World Order, and major depopulation is a big part of this agenda. We have plenty of evidence from their big globalist meetings, like from the Royal Institute of International Affairs, going back even as far as 1938, where they are very openly planning for World Government.

We also have plenty of evidence showing how eugenics, an old elitist movement that believes the elite’s genes are superior and that the genes of the working class should be heavily reduced, is behind the U.N.’s depopulation plans that we all know today. This is clearly shown and stated by the people who were the architects of this agenda.

People like Julian Huxley, who was President of the British Eugenics Society, but who also created the UN’s UNESCO and was a founding member of Planned Parenthood. Nothing has changed, except the name from eugenics to depopulation. And whether you believe if C O 2 causes climate change or not, we have plenty of evidence that the elite has planned on using climate change to further their totalitarian agenda, and that the same people running the oil-industry are the ones who created these organizations of the United Nations, supposedly fighting oil-companies.

The most obvious example of this is Maurice Strong, the godfather of the modern day environmental movement, who is a Rockefeller backed multi-millionaire that got rich in the oil-industry. Hegelian Dialectics at it’s finest. Destroy the world with Capitalism so you can enslave it with Socialism. And that’s not to mention all the numerous scandals the United Nations has been involved in, including sex scandals. In order to bring back the much needed awareness about the United Nations, and to interfere with their agendas as much as possible, we have launched OpStopTheUN. The following list contains all the U.N.’s organizations that we will be targeting. Calling all activists, hacktivists, and other freedom fighters to join us in this operation.

And to the United Nations, we refuse to bow down to your New World Order, your World Government and your depopulation agendas.


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