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Israeli Pipeline, Once A Link to Iran, Will Remain A Mystery

JERUSALEM (Reuters) – An oil pipeline company established decades ago by Israel and Iran, and a new Israeli company that is meant to replace it, can continue to operate secretly, an Israeli parliamentary committee ruled on Sunday.

The Eilat-Ashkelon Pipeline Co (EAPC) was a joint venture set up in 1968, when the two nations were friendly, to transport Iranian oil via Israel to the Mediterranean. Ties were cut after Iran’s 1979 Islamic revolution, and the enemies are now locked in arbitration that could be worth billions of dollars.

Although Iranian oil no longer flows through the pipeline, EAPC has become a major distributor of oil in Israel, with ambitions to become a leading trade hub.

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Brief History of Iran’s Revolutions

Operation Ajax was a covert operation by the US and British intelligence agencies in the early 1950s to topple Iran’s first democratically-elected government and replace it with a dictatorship. The operation included false-flag terror that resulted in the deaths of some 300 people.

The 1953 CIA coup in Iran was named “Operation Ajax” and was engineered by a CIA agent named Kermit Roosevelt, the grandson of President Theodore Roosevelt. Capitalizing on the oil-nationalization showdown between Iran and Great Britain, which had thrown Iran into chaos and crisis, Kermit Roosevelt skillfully used a combination of bribery of Iranian military officials and CIA-engendered street protests to pull off the coup.

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Israel-dominated U.S. Congress Passes Four More Anti-Iran Bills + The Iran Nuke Psyop

Michael Shrimpton – MI6:

“As the CIA knows perfectly well, and as I stated in my book Spyhunter as long ago as 2014, Iran already has nukes. Diplomats and the media have obsessed, and I mean obsessed, over Iran’s enriched uranium program, at the expense of her far more advanced plutonium program.”

“My estimate in 2014 was around 30 operational nuclear warheads. That may have gone up, although I don’t know the total amount of plute the French shipped to Iran. Plutonium weapons are usually more compact than enriched uranium ones, i.e. are much more suited to Iran’s planned delivery systems.”

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