The German House of Wurttemberg – The Hidden Hand Behind the NWO/JWO

The German House of Wurttemberg are one of the most dominant bloodlines of the Holy Roman Empire currently headed up by Duke Carl of Wurttemberg and his children Duke Friedrich, Duke Philippe, Duke Eberhard, Duke Michael, Duchess Mathilde, and Duchess Fleur. Count Conrad I of Wurttemberg was the founder of this royal house and made an alliance with the Roman Catholic Hirsau Abbey which he financed the Romanization of.

The Wurttemberg family married with the Roman Catholic Orleans, Bourbon-Two Sicilies and Pallavicini families in this past century. The Wurttemberg family employ through their royal court various businessmen like Reinhold Wurth who is from Wurttemberg and worth about 10 billion. A noble or royal house is a corporate entity. The name Wurttemberg derives from the earlier name of Wirdeberch. The German words Wird or Wirt refer to talking, speech, command or words. The current Director of the New York Stock Exchange is Jeffrey Sprecher and he is a white collar crook. Sprecher is a German name and derives from Sprechen and like Wirt also means to talk or speech. The Frankfurt Stock Exchange has origins with the ancient trade and currency fairs in Frankfurt which later influenced modern stock exchanges. The Wurttemberg family have command in Wall Street. They use words connected with numeric codes to communicate information to associates and businessmen in regards to trading stocks in order to evade insider trading regulations. They use various books and their pages, numbering, and indexes as their codices and this information is taught in fraternal orders and masonic lodges. Freemasons and Greek fraternal members are educated in numeric coding. The media including financial media use numeric-word hidden communications as well to signal members of secret societies.

This is one way they have rigged the stock exchange and one way they communicate their agenda to members of secret orders. Wall Street is fraudulent at its foundations because corporations are a deceptive construct. Corporations are considered a person with rights under law. Corporations are not people. Corporations are set up so the creators can own and prosper from them through shares without being held accountable for any crimes or wrongs done by them. The royal and noble families use fraudulent and covert methods to control wealth, resources, and land. Many universities were created and are owned by royal and noble families. They use their universities to recruit agents of their corporate houses.

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Gottlieb Daimler founded Daimler-Benz and was born in the Kingdom of Wurttemberg covertly serving the royal family as their court factor. The Wurttemberg family have private shares in Daimler AG and Mercedes-Benz located in their territory of Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg. Daimler AG has about 235 billion in assets. The German nobility conspire together and share ownership over these enterprises. The Wittelsbach held rule in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. Claus E. Heinrich went to the Wittelsbach’s University of Mannheim and was a Board Member for SAP SE which develops enterprise application software. SAP is located in Baden-Wurttemberg and has assets at about 44 billion. Dietmar Hopp is a co-founder of SAP, is worth about 6 billion, and lives in Baden-Wurttemberg. Georg F. W. Schaeffler is worth about 20 billion and is from Erlangen, Bavaria. Schaeffler is another court factor for the House of Wittelsbach and House of Wurttemberg.

The House of Wurttemberg work closely with the Hohenzollern, Waldburg-Zeil, Anhalt, Hanover, Wittelsbach, Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, and Hesse families as well as the House of Baden headed up by Margrave Maximilian of Baden along with Prince Bernhard of Baden, Princess Stephanie of Baden, Prince Michael of Baden, Prince Berthold of Baden, and Prince Ludwig of Baden. Princess Stephanie is a dangerous child murdering pedophile and witch. The Zahringen-Baden family are primarily Roman Catholic and frequently married with the House of Wurrtemberg. The House of Zahringen-Baden founded various towns in the Holy Roman Empire including Berne, Switzerland.

Udo Tschira and Harald Tschira are part owners of SAP and both worth about 9 billion. Their father Klaus was a co-founder of SAP who was from Baden and went to the Baden family established Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The Holy Roman families have large amounts of wealth concealed in private Swiss banks and have shares in various major corporations. They also have assets like land, gold, and resources. These families owned large amounts of land in Germany and employed bankers and businessmen through their royal households.

The Wurttemberg family still own palaces in Monrepos, Altshausen, and in Friedrichshafen which is where Rolls-Royce Power Systems is headquartered. The Oppenheimer family worked as Court Factors for the House of Wurttemberg with Joseph Oppenheimer who was as a money handler for Duke Charles Alexander of Wurttemberg. Joseph Oppenheimer was executed for fraud, embezzlement, and treason yet the Wurttemberg family that employed him were left alone. This is why Christian monarchs use Court Jews. It creates a layer of protection for them. This is what fueled the Nazi propaganda in 20th century. Royal families own the gold that Court Jews handle and they still prop up Jewish bankers today to distract from themselves. The Wurttemberg family spent about 600,000 rheinguldens to build their New Palace of Stuttgart. One rheingulden would be worth about 100-140 dollars today. The royal and noble families monopolize gold and other resources. They stored gold and silver in their vaults and then would provide some to bankers which they employed as proxies as a veil to conceal their wealth.

The Oppenheimer family are still Court Factors working under the House of Wurttemberg and they created and run Anglo American Corporation for the House of Wurttemberg which is a large diamond and gold mining company in South Africa and is headed up by Nicky Oppenheimer who is worth about 7 billion and his son Jonathan Oppenheimer who is worth over 6 billion. Anglo American Corporation has large shares in De Beers.

A founder of political Zionism Theodor Herzl became friends with Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden who helped Herzl with the Zionist agenda. Ludwig Merckle is worth about 5 billion and is from Ulm in Baden-Wurttemberg. His father Adolf Merckle who died in 2009 was worth over 12 billion as the founder of Phoenix Pharmahandel which is owned by Merckle Group and is located in Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg. The Baden-Zahringen family use a phoenix on their coat of arms.

The Merckle family are Court Factors for the House of Baden. Angela Merkel’s first husband was Ulrich Merkel. Karl Rapp founded what is today BMW and he was from Ehingen, Baden-Wurttemberg. The Quandt family are the majority owners of BMW with Stefan Quandt worth about 15 billion today and he went to the Zahringen-Baden’s Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. The Quandt family and BMW worked with the Nazis and used Nazi prisoners for slave labor.

The Wurttemberg and Baden families are extremely wealthy Nazis working with Jewish businessmen and have leverage and authority over the stock market.

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Pictures:  Diane d’Orléans Duchesse de Wurtemberg

Family Tree: Wurttemberg, Germany

In early modern times Brandenburg was one of the seven electoral states in the Holy Roman Empire. From 1415 it was governed by members of the House of Hohenzolleren. However in 1618 the Margraviate of Brandenburg and the Duchy of Prussia were combined as Brandenburg-Prussia. From 1701 the state was elevated in the Kingdom of Prussia.

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