Awans Working DOJ Deal To Avoid Prison Time; Fugitive Wife Agrees to Return From Pakistan for Indictment UPDATED!

UPDATED June 13, 2018

BUSTED VIDEO: With Criminal Case Pending, Imran Awan Now Employed by Law Firm of His Clinton-Linked Defense Attorneys

One way to keep someone silent is to make sure you find them a job you can control. An old trick in the Clinton political and crony playbook.

Imran Awan is currently employed by the same firm that is trying to keep him and his wife from serving time in federal prison.

Welcome to The Swamp.

New video and intelligence from Crowdsource the Truth emerged Monday when editor Jason Goodman visited the law offices of Awan’s attorney. A law firm official acknowledged Awan was inside the office but would not allow him to speak on camera. According to several sources, Awan has been answering the phones at the law firm for untold weeks, possibly longer.

Whether paid or unpaid, it’s absolutely stunning in any legal realm.

Is that even legal?

Perhaps. But ethical? We are talking about his lawyer, Chris Gowen, who previously worked for Bill Clinton.

So we won’t harp on ethics again. Because … the Clintons.

Is Awan handling his own case files and evidence, as well as fielding calls from the U.S. Attorney’s office about his case? This is preposterous.

We would contact the federal judge presiding over the Imran and Hina Alvi Awan case but she was appointed by Obama who — if the FBI was legitimate — likely would be implicated in the Awan’s IT escapades during their employment with Congress. But the FBI is corrupt, just like every government entity linked to this case. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who hired the Awan clan is pals with Hillary. Hillary’s husband gets Imran a defense attorney. Wasserman’s brother is a federal prosecutor working on the same case. The judge and her husband donated to Barack Obama before both getting appointed to benches by Obama.

The FBI tanked the case.

The Capitol Police tainted evidence.

And the list goes on and on.

But the shocking revelation that Awan is working in the law offices of his defense attorneys raises some serious questions about a recent chain-of-custody mistake involving Gowen’s firm.

A laptop belonging to Imran Awan was supposed to be turned over to the U.S. Attorney’s office in the case by Capitol Police. Instead, the police turned the laptop’s contents over to Gowen’s office, ultimately tainting the chain of custody and rendering any evidence as useless.

Was Awan working at the firm during this law-enforcement debacle?

Goodman has been a thorn in the side of Awan’s attorney Gowen, doggedly pursuing stories for well over a year. Just last week Gowen snapped during a recorded phone call with Goodman, offering to sell him evidence in the case and wildly attacking Trump.

Awan and his wife are scheduled for a plea hearing on July 3, if that date holds absent any continuances.

If you need to check on the time and date for the hearing, just call Chris Gowen’s law office. Perhaps Imran will confirm the hearing details himself.

Now that’s what we call a full service law firm.

Source:  BUSTED VIDEO: With Criminal Case Pending, Imran Awan Now Employed by Law Firm of His Clinton-Linked Defense Attorneys


September 7, 2017

High priced legal talent representing Imran Awan and Hina Alvi are seeking a plea deal where the couple would avoid prison time, according to federal law enforcement officials.

That should make Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and dozens of others Congressional Democrats who hired the disgraced Awan clan as IT gurus very nervous.

So far, Awan has agreed to cooperate with DOJ and FBI to help “fill in gaps” in the bank fraud case against the Pakistani couple, who were indicted Aug. 17, federal sources confirm. But Awan has agreed to have his wife return from Pakistan to be arrested and face charges, sources said, and his legal team continues to cooperate with the FBI in “connected matters.”

His wife, Alvi, fled to Pakistan in March despite the FBI intercepting her at Dulles International Airport. Awan tried to do the same in July but was arrested. Alvi is expected to return to the United States in late Sept., according to recently filed court records memorializing part of the new deal.

The couple now seeks a guarantee of no prison time for Alvi in exchange for a reduced sentence for Awan. This could include an extended probation period for Awan without jail time, sources said. Lawyers in the case want the DOJ to drop conspiracy and making false statement charges against the couple to help reduce the federal sentencing guidelines, sources said. By reducing the four-count indictment to one count of bank fraud, the judge in the Awan case would have leeway within sentencing guidelines to keep one or both of the defendants out of federal prison, sources said.

Federal sources said while the DOJ could not explicitly request reduced or no jail time for either Awan or Alvi, the Justice Department could structure its sentencing report to the judge in a specific way that makes it very clear the government is not interested in incarcerating the couple. Likewise, unless the US Attorney specifically asks for jail time at the sentencing hearing, the judge understands the defendant has cooperated, sources said.

Source:  Awans Working DOJ Deal To Avoid Prison Time; Fugitive Wife Agrees to Return From Pakistan for Indictment


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