#Patriots Call for #OperationValkyrie Week in Review (June 23 – 30, 2018)

July 2, 2018

White hat patriots and truth tellers Scott Bennett, Jim Fetzer, Donald Grahn and Michael-Jay Anderson give the week in review (June 23, 2018 – June 30, 2018)  and call for all patriots to demand justice for all American political prisoners, and those who have been suicided by the Deep State.

This brilliant team of alternative media researchers and journalists, including military officers with US Army counterintelligence experience and expertise call for Operation Valkyrie to take place so that American patriots can take back their country and restore the rule of law.

Operation Valkyrie occurred in Germany during WWII to rid the country of Adolph Hitler and the tyrannical SS.  President Trump must rid the US Justice Department and FBI of traitors Jeff Sessions, Rod Rosenstein, Christopher Wray, and everyone else who is part of the Clinton email cover-up, the Awan spy ring, drug trafficking, money laundering, and child trafficking.


Will President Trump withdraw American troops from Syria?

Hillary Clinton’s emails were never under investigation by the FBI.

If war comes, Russia could disconnect from the entire internet.

Immigrant families to be reunited, and proof exists of child sex trafficking going back to the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations.  Girls are being trafficked before they reach the US border.

State governors who refuse to send National Guard troops to the US Southern border.

Border security to be the prime platform of the Democrats during the 2018 Midterm elections.

Psychological warfare tactics used to force illegal immigration on the American people.

Federal troops (US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, and US Marine reservists) can be used on the US border.  The US Coast Guard has jurisdiction over all US waterways.

Peter Strozk was escorted out of the FBI building and didn’t take the 5th Amendment while testifying in front of Congress.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is part of the Clinton email cover-up and the fake Russian-collusion investigation.

Robert Mueller backs away from prosecuting Russians, who allegedly interfered with the 2016 Presidential election.


Watch part 1 of this video:  TvNI – June 28, Syria & so many serious situations now. 1st hour

Watch part 2 of this video:  TvNI- June 28, Syria and so many serious Situations, 2nd hour



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