#QAnon is a Hoax and a Psyop! Trump’s Military Tribunals Same as Lincoln

July 20, 2018

Compiled by Lisa Phillips of OpDeepState.com

The following videos explain the QAnon psyops:

Trump’s Executive Order for Military Tribunals… same as Lincoln to put civilians on trial in a military court. That’s treason.

Read it and weep:  US Army Pamphlet – Law of Peace

Watch the video on Vimeo:  Trump & Infowars Deception of The Century – Martial Executive Orders – Civil War

Jade Helm:  Revealed: US Military Spy Operation that Manipulates Social Media

5G Grid and Jade Helm:  THE INTERNET OF THINGS’ WAS FASCIST FROM INCEPTION: The NWO Technocrats Control Grid

The Oz Brigade and the 17-89 Ritual:  The Oz Brigade and the 17-89 Mega Ritual Discussion + Who is Prince Harry

The false left/right paradigm is explained, as well as controlled opposition, and the QAnon psyops.  President Trump says “The Clintons are nice people” when asked if he will have his justice department indict them for crimes of corruption and treason.

Watch the video on Vimeo:  The Rant Report – Qanon the Psyop Explained

QAnon is designed to separate its followers into three groups while its posts provide false hopes for the future of America.  What better way for the Cabal to classify dissidents from sheep?  For people who do not know Israel’s Operation Talpiot is the direct data pipeline from the NSA to the high technology companies in Tel Aviv, this is an eye opener.  Everything we say and type on social media and in email, and on our phones, is stored and transmitted to Israel to be analyzed where a profile is kept on all Americans.

Congress passed and President Donald Trump signed into law vast new powers for the NSA and the FBI to spy on innocent Americans and selectively pass on to law enforcement the fruits of that spying, as well as to Israel, Russia, and China.  This includes patents, technology, financial information, and how many guns you have registered.

If you are worshiping Trump instead of Jesus Christ, you’re putting your eggs in the wrong basket.  If you are putting another country ahead of your own, that’s treason.

Watch the video on Vimeo:  #Q False Hopes, Deep State Clinton for Dog Whistles, Illuminati Classifications

This video is a compilation of truth about the Freemasonic QAnon psyops which is designed to take Christians away from God and usher in the New World Order’s UFO alien psyops, also known as Project Blue Beam.

Watch the video on Vimeo:  #QAnon☆Freemasonic MK ULTRA PSY OP☆The Grand Quantum Delusion ☆Anti-Q Community

Only a few of us are left in this alternate reality where the truth matters. QAnon is a psyop that is designed to categorize people who post QAnon information on social media into groups, and to weed out those people who are dissidents against the Cabal, and to determine if people believe Trump will save them.  For more information, research Operation Talpiot. Do not trust the plan!

Watch the video on Vimeo:  Do Not Trust the Plan – QAnon


For more information on the Israel/Russia/China/New York spying axis:  The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying


For the people who still insist QAnon is legitimate, what are your plans for a year or two from now when there have been no indictments at the top levels and more tyrannical laws have passed?  Are you still planning to say “It was worth it because more people woke up and started dissing the Democrats?”

Most of you won’t be able to understand the tyranny because you’ve bought into the herd mentality.

According to QAnon, there are over 40,000 sealed indictments.  That’s enough criminals to fill up a football stadium, yet the Podesta brothers are walking free, as are the Clintons, Bushes, Obamas, and countless others involved in everything from Wallstreet crimes to the murder of over 3,000 Americans on 9/11/2001.  How many more children will be taken off the streets of America and used in sex trafficking for the elite while we “hope” QAnon is right?

What we know is INTERPOL controls the Justice Department and the FBI.  In all of his rants against Barack Obama, Donald Trump never mentions Obama’s Executive Order 12425 which designated INTERPOL as a public international organization entitled to enjoy certain privileges, exemptions, and immunities.

Although the researchers at OpDeepState.com started to analyze QAnon’s drops and breadcrumbs, we realized several months ago that clearly there is no plan. Once we found out QAnon is a psyops, we attempted to “reverse psyops” it, but found it’s nothing but the “carrot and stick” routine designed to keep people too busy to notice the tyranny coming from Congress and the AIPAC lobby.

The Zionists are using the same tactic that was used with the John Birch Society to keep conservative patriots busy while never disclosing their true agenda, that political Zionism was taking over the churches and and foreign and domestic policies in America with creeping politically correct Marxism which is a direct result of the Communist Israel Lobby (AIPAC).

We reported on January 13, 2018:

As you listen to the video, think of the phrases that they use to describe what QAnon is doing:

  • It is a team of individuals (Conclave, the Team, and alt media collaborative, decentralized network))
  • Well researched
  • Offers religion, hope, spirituality, and truth (all the time)
  • One stop wish fulfillment center (leading headlines presented in an intelligent manner, spiced with images, memes, and interesting videos)
  • Faith in Trump
  • Fantasy and puzzles (Glass Bead Game)
  • An operation designed to regain a measured influence over the alternative media
  • Encourages people to connect the dots. (flashbacks and history show the relevance of current events)
  • Makes predictions that come true
  • Change of marketing strategy/clever marketing scheme – tries to influence audience within it, rather than sell something.

Think beyond Q and you will discover a fountainhead

Is QAnon a Deep State Trial Balloon/Marketing Op Aimed at the Alternative Media? In this fascinating episode Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt welcomes back Oxford Scholar Dr. Joseph P. Farrell, the author of the popular Giza Death Star Book series.

Dr. Farrell delves deeply into the online group posts of QAnon and its rapid spread through the Alternative Media under the guise of an anonymous insider. Farrell Poses the question: Is the QAnon material just the latest wave of sophisticated disinformation that Catherine Austin Fitts calls “Hope Porn”?

Dr. Farrell sees a sophisticated disinformation campaign aimed at the independent research community to create an Imitation Wikleaks style vehicle that will act as an All-knowing Oracle Insider for a variety of important Geopolitical situations.

It is apparently designed to propagate the promise of Cabal Arrests and Elites being tried at Gitmo as a kind of Soma to pacify the growing online audience that are raising questions about the actions of the Deep State on a global scale!

We at OpDeepState.com trust all of the information provided in the video with the exception of the references to Wikileaks, Julian Assange, and Edward Snowden aka Ed Greenberg

Watch the video on Vimeo:  Joseph Farrell – QAnon – Deep State Wizard of Dark Journalist


The Gospel According to Q

July 15, 2018

by Bernard Grover as reported on Rense.com

As readers have surmised, I am intrigued if not alarmed by the Q phenomenon, which I believe to be a classic, though highly sophisticated psy-op.  My two previous articles appear here and here.

What has captured my attention with this phenomenon is not only the sophistication of it, but also that it has often been very difficult to track them back to the precise moment at which they were launched.

Additionally, there is the resemblance to and connection with religion – primarily the Big Four (Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) – both in the message of Q and in its means of propagation through the general culture.

My working hypothesis is that Q is the operational version of a test done in 2012, called Cicada 3301.  I covered this in some detail in the last article, and will likely go deeper as I study and compare the two phenomena.  Suffice it here to say they bear a number of relationships to each other, both in form and function.

If the reader has played along at home, then you have learned how Q works: Q posts “drops” and “crumbs” on 8chan, which are then picked up and analyzed by an inner circle called the Anons, who then propagate the message to an outer circle who make (primarily) YouTube videos that mostly repeat the official party line.

This bears more than a passing resemblance to the various major religions, in which an individual or group has a direct line to God, who in turn imparts a cryptic message that is passed to the inner circle of apostles.  The apostles interpret the message and hand it to the outer circles (monks, priests, rabbis, imam, etc.), who in turn disseminate it amongst the flock.

The resemblance is rather remarkable.  The central figure (Mohammad, Jesus, Siddartha, Moses) says or writes something that is usually highly encoded.  The message requires interpretation and decoding by a close-knit group of true believers who understand the “rules” and “methods” for extracting the “true” meaning embedded in the otherwise scrambled text/mutterings.

The inner circle then hands the message off to the grass-roots leaders, whose job it is to develop followers that need to hear the message of hope/redemption/superiority in order for them to function in an otherwise insane, chaotic and meaningless world.

As noted in my previous musings, the name “Q” reminds me of a central demi-god character introduced into the Star Trek universe in the premier of The Next Generation, and which appeared in the Deep Space Nine and Voyager iterations.  The character is based on one in the original series in an episode called the “The Squire of Gothos”.

The character of Q has god-like powers and is part of a “collective” that is mostly unseen, but which is referred to on numerous occasions.  This echoes the “parents” in the original series episode that introduced the model, as well as the “Q Collective” in later iterations.  The conspiracy-minded folks among us might even think the Q character was softening us for the introduction of this phenomenon, which adds a whole extra dimension to this story.

In the extant Q phenomenon, the name ostensibly refers to Q-level security clearance, which is supposedly one of the highest in the US federal government.  Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter, nor is it important to this analysis.  In my model, the important thing is the perception, more than the fact.

Q is said to be an individual, or possibly a group (collective), with god-like access to military intelligence and who is able to steer the behavior of the inner workings of the Deep State.  Q can “see the future” – report on events that will happen – as well as give followers insight into current events in the socio-political machinations of government and headline events in the news.

The reader would do well to string together the various episodes of Star Trek that have the Q character in them, while watching the Q phenomenon.  The parallels are rather interesting.

As Q drops crumbs on 8chan, the Anons – the apostles in our working model – go to work researching and free-associating on the texts, coming up with coherent narratives that reveal just how prescient, even omniscient, Q is.  Think of this as a form of prophesy that is revealed to be Truth by its fulfillment in the future, especially when it is open to numerous interpretations of meaning.

It is at this point that I can’t help but hear the words of Joseph P. Farrell, when he says that those who control the interpretation of prophesy, control its fulfillment.  In fact, the similarities to religious prophesy are legion and worrisome.

The outer circle – or priesthood in my model – pick up the Anon interpretations, place them side-by-side with the Q drops, and run endless analyses along with their own insights.  In fact, there even seems to be developing certain factions within the outer circle that are analogous to denominations within religious faiths.

What I find most remarkable in this model is that Q, just like its religious counterparts, preaches passivity and disdain.

Passivity because the followers are commanded to “enjoy the show,” “get popcorn” and wait for “future proves the past.”  Just like the major religions, the central character will come in glory to pass judgement on the evil ones and the results will justify the means.  The followers are commanded to take no actions themselves, but rather sit back and watch in amazement as the messiah traps evil in its own filth and confines it for all eternity (convict and jail the perps).

Just like the Biblical Book of Revelations and its various counterparts among the major religions, followers will be protected by their special knowledge during the Tribulation and Great Final Battle (“The Storm” in Q terms).

Once the prosecutions and convictions are done, there will be a Golden Age of Law and Order that will reign over the Earth, but Q commands us to be patient, as it takes time for these things to run their course.

The followers of Q also feel a certain superiority over the average Joe and especially the Evil Ones, and a disdain for those too blind to see or deaf to hear.  They talk of the Great Conversion (Great Awakening a la Q) once all is revealed to the masses.  They crow over the Spreading of the Word and the swelling subscription and hit counts.  They pray fervently that folks will Get the Message (be Red Pilled), and join the passive Watch and Wait phase of The Plan.

“Trust the Plan!”  This is one of the great commandments of Q.  We are to uncritically accept that this hidden elite group of military intelligence knows what is best for all of us, and there is to be no dissension.  Anyone who strays is ostracized (excommunicated) as a heretic.

The final parallel to religion is the development of the Q Theology.  These amount primarily to “Proofs,” where the Pope (Donald J. Trump) gives winks and nods to the Believers that he and Q are in direct proximity and communication in the government version of the Vatican called the White House.  Trump was hand-picked by Q to be the Great Leader, an outsider of tremendous virtue who will take humanity out of the desert and into the Promised Land, where we will dwell amidst oceans of milk and honey where all will be revealed.  One can almost hear Trump excusing himself for not being much of a public speaker and in need of his own Aaron at this point, but Q replies that the mantle is upon him and he must rise up and lead the Children of Israel.

One could easily place the Proofs in the same category as Augustine of Hippo’s De Doctrina Christiana, or Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Theologica.  They serve to re-enforce the existence of Q, and veracity of the Word of Q.  They also help establish the primacy of Q Theology over all preceding revelations.

It is difficult not to draw these comparisons between Q and religion, as many of the commentators include blatant religious messages as part of their faithful reporting.  One must assume that this direct link to the major religions was an intentional design of the entity(ies) that created Q.  Not only are there objective design elements between Q and successful religions, but its appeal to those with religious predispositions – or seeking a religious worldview – makes comparison inevitable.

The link between Q and Star Trek also seems intended to appeal to those with a more secular humanist – less mystical – viewpoint.  If religion is not your thing, then perhaps the more secular link to science and logic will draw you in.

More into sports?  How about Our Team versus Their Team?  Prefer creative pursuits?  How about creating your own Q merchandise?  The Q name and quotes are public domain, so create away!  Contemplative?  Retreat to your Hermitage (parents’ basement) and ponder the deeper meanings of Q.

Whatever your socio-cultural-religious bent, there seems to be an element of it in the Q phenomenon.  Even if your only interest is solving puzzles like a Dan Brown character, Q is tailor-made to attract your attention.

In my view, Q is clearly “designed”.  It is not an organic outcropping of the culture, but something specifically manufactured to draw in as many people as possible.  It is most certainly a psy-op – all the elements are there.  Whether it is benign or not is a matter of argument, speculation and conjecture at this point; however, I would argue that anything which manipulates people’s thinking without expressly stating that it is doing so is NOT benign.

To this author’s mind, the underlying assumption of Q is that government is a necessary thing, though it can be bent to Good or Evil.  For this reason, I find the whole thing suspicious, since I place no trust in government of any kind for any reason.  Any socio-cultural movement that has only two possible sides is a product of the Hegelian Dialectic, and artificially limits the conversation to a choice where the author of the dialectic is the only winner.

In the end, the Q phenomenon is clearly what it appears to be – a new type of religious-style movement designed to placate/passify the masses and prevent a mass uprising while the factions of the Deep State hash out their differences.  In other words, the Ruling Paradigm must be preserved and enforced, even as the Rulers figure out who will take the reins/reigns for the foreseeable future.

Though Q clearly labels certain elements as “White Hats,” and others as “Black Hats,” it is a value judgement that ultimately rests on the spectator’s ability to reason critically.  I personally make no distinction between the two sides, as they are both defending the same paradigm.

I personally opt for a third alternative that is notably absent from this operation – that of self-government and individual responsibility.  In the interest of full disclosure, my viewpoint is not a popular one, but it allows me a certain dispassion when analyzing things like Q.

That said, it does not ameliorate my suspicions, nor diffuse my curiosity and interest in watching this drama unfold.  The sophistication of the design and the effectiveness of its dissemination in just the last nine months is a marvel of modern marketing.  From a purely professional standpoint, I admire the marketing design and the fervor with which a great number of people have taken it up.  If only Leni Riefenstahl were alive to see this, she would be green with envy.

Edward Bernays would be so proud of the creature he unleashed on an unsuspecting world.

Source:  http://augenguy.blogspot.com/2018/07/the-gospel-according-to-q.html



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