Appalachia Book Charity

October 9, 2018 announces its first annual book giving charity!

Silvanus Publishing and Camelot Daily News in cooperation with will donate Paul Boggs’ book AMERIKA: The Re-Mastered Christian Majority to more than 200 families and churches in Eastern Kentucky in November, 2018.  All books will be hand carried to residents and Christian churches.


This book provides the Christian American majority with evidence which will show that their socioeconomic, physical and intellectual disintegration has been orchestrated by Luciferians. The author demonstrates, through never before seen data, how Christian’s exploitable weakness is and has always been their exposure to toxic, Luciferian engineered education, media, food, water, etc.

This book addresses what the fake mainstream media cannot. This book reveals Christianity’s true enemy and the methods through which these Luciferians have morally, spiritually, and financially bankrupted our Christian American family of 240 million men, women and children. This book clearly defines, dissects, and explains the principle methods used by Luciferians and illustrates such techniques using his personal real life experiences.

Upon completion of this book, Christians will have the intelligence and tools required to defeat their one true enemy. Ignore this knowledge at your own peril.


Discover the “Human Exploitation Psychology” principles employed by Luciferians to control, sicken and kill the Christian American majority. – Discover the preferred destabilization methods utilized by Luciferians throughout world history. – Discover which political, business and Christian leaders espouse Luciferianism. – Discover techniques to identify Luciferians in your personal and business life and learn how to avoid becoming a victim.


We have a team of Christian ladies here in our hometown of Oceanside, New York who will be wrapping each book in Christmas wrapping paper. – Lisa Phillips, owner of

We appreciate your generous donations to assist us in this effort to “wake up” this area of the country and notify them of the tyranny that is upon our beautiful country.


To purchase this book for your family, please send $18 and the address where you would like your book delivered toSilvanus Publishing’s Paypal

To donate to this charity (suggested donation $18):  Silvanus Publishing’s PayPal


Please note: has not been paying Paul Boggs’ royalties on any of his books due to censorship, so please order the books from him directly.  Thank you!





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