Gab (.AI) is a Mossad Operation

October 6, 2017

by Wide Awake Gentile

Launched in August, Gab has become known as a safe haven for the “alt-right” movement.

The social network currently has 100,000 members and another 200,000 on its waiting list, according to the company.

Headquartered in the Caribbean island Anguilla, Gab is “bootstrapped,” or  self-financed, with some donations from the “Gab community.”  Business Standard

No one seems to have any idea who so generously put out money to create Gab Being registered in Anguilla means US regulators cannot esquire either.

Anguilla is  a British Protectorate It is also a tax haven and its very unusual for a startup to open in a tax haven when its making losses not profits  Anguilla also has the Ultimate in Kosher Luxury Escapes

Anguila is also a money laundering haven . A large chunk of cocaine money is laundered here. The Jewish New York crowd parties here Michael Steinhardt, a retired hedge fund manager had his Hanukkah party here.

Just south of Anguilla lies the island of St Martin/StMaarten (which is ruled by the Netherlands and France) which has a Chabad house.

With all the money laundering New York Jews and Chabad Mossad has got to have some presence here.

Its a great place for Mossad Gab to have its base.

Gab’s 25-year-old founder, Andrew Torba, dreamed up the site after reading reports that Facebook employees suppress conservative articles on the site. Torba —  previously created Kuhcoon, a system for running automated Facebook ad campaigns (it’s now called Automate Ads).

This is what Kucoon did for its clients in Facebook:

For all you know Gab may be a similar exercise in tracking which issues gets the average “Alt Right” or Conservative voter excited and which leave them cold with all the Gab users being guinea pigs in some online political laboratory.

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Here are some sites showing the Jewish Background of the Torba surname:

American Last Names – Torba

More links about the Torba surname and its Jewish links: – scrubbed from the internet – scrubbed from the internet

Here’s Torba the Jew with other Alt Jew figures:

Editor’s notes:  We’ll add Adam Kokesh:  Exposing Adam Kokesh

Jewish Fascism in Chicago with Leo Strauss & David Horowitz & Richard Spencer Exposed! + Whitefish, MT

The chief communications officer and global affairs director of Gab is Utsav Sanguja. That name and his appearance suggest he is Indian a Punjabi Khatri.

But are BOTH his parents Indian Hindus? Maybe his mother is Jewish like the mother of Avvaz founder Ricken Patel.

Sanguja has made his views on Israel pretty clear in this post.  He makes it as an Indian not an American or Canadian nationalist.

Some gab users have identified Utasab Sangijas’ bride as Emma Rosenthal a Jewess who uses the id @emrose91 and also also works at a DC Synagogue which is rumored to be a Mossad front.

Gab is growing rapidly in India and Brazil, Gab spokesman Utsav Sanduja said over the course of our phone call, and has more plans to recruit internationally — including in France and other French-speaking countries,(that would include a large chunk of East Africa’s so called Francophone zone)  where Sanduja said they’re seeing interest among “independent novelists and writers [who] are being suppressed for having politically incorrect views.” Washington Post

The more rabid and loose tongued people posting on any “social media” platforms make great patsies for Gladio type operations or false flags.

Instead of spending millions on test subjects labs to test political economic social ideas these “social media” sites now give free data to manipulators

If Twitter becomes a (jew controlled ) liberal echo chamber and Gab a (jew controlled( Right Wing echo chamber all you get is a swirl of controlled propaganda bilge 24/7.



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Operation Talpiot is the back door data pipeline from the NSA to Israel. Everything you communicate electronically is stored and analyzed by Israel.




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  1. I thought as much from the beginning Lisa, and am on record as saying so. Even so, it is good to know what other people think, and I was more than surprised to see the extant of murderous right-winged emissaries on Gab. There are, however, no alternatives. The Circus Immoral has everything locked up. Torba claims to be US based and Carefully Christian, however, and the present pallava and his interviews with Mr Jones, say a lot.

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