For all you “Build the Wall” Dupes…. The US Military has the Technology to Repel Illegal Immigrants

December 26, 2018

For those of you who put your life savings into that GoFundMe fundraiser to build the wall on the US Southern border, the US Military has the technology to stop the illegal immigrants (La Raza Communists) in the caravans.

Vehicle-Mounted Active Denial System (V-MADS)

Published (mirrored) on September 20, 2009 courtesy of jaglavaksoldier

If you’re wondering why Trump is doing NOTHING to stop the illegals from entering the USA and in fact, is facilitating the La Raza Communists:  RUSSIA, ISRAEL and MOSSAD CONTROL TRUMP

See also:  Trump’s Russian Mafia Connections Exposed

HR 4760 Securing America’s Future Act of 2018

While Republicans are screeching “Build the Wall” in large numbers, and none having actually read the bill, the rest of us intend to block this legislation because it contains a clause to require biometic passports for all Americans.  Also contained in the bill is the E-Verify procedure for employment.  If you don’t have the right “good credit” employers expect, you won’t be employable.  Just like Nazi Germany “Can we see your papers”?  Except this is all electronic.

Read it and weep:  H.R. 4760: Securing America’s Future Act of 2018

Thankfully, H.R. 4760 didn’t pass in the Congress.

Meanwhile, Trump sold us out:

White House Proposal Extends Amnesty for 1.8 Million Illegals in Exchange for 25 Billion for Wall, End of Chain Migration, Visa Lottery

The La Raza Communists are already here, and are being flown via commercial airlines to cities across America.

It’s all for the TV cameras, folks:  U.S. Agents Shoot Tear Gas at Migrants Rushing the Border, Migrants Enter USA


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