U.S. Lifts Sanctions on 3 Companies Tied to Major Russian Oligarch

Russian tycoon Oleg Deripaska in January 2015 REUTERS

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Updated on January 28, 2019

by CBS News

Washington — The Treasury Department announced Sunday it was lifting sanctions on three companies connected to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska. The move comes despite an effort in Congress to block the action with many lawmakers concerned that the Trump administration isn’t being tough enough on Russian President Vladimir Putin and his allies.

Treasury said it was removing Russian aluminum giant Rusal and two other companies from its sanctions list on the grounds that the companies have reduced Derapaska’s direct and indirect shareholding stake in the three companies.

Congress voted earlier this month to try to block the administration’s efforts to remove the sanctions. In the House, 136 Republicans joined Democrats to disapprove of the deal while in the Senate, 11 Republicans supported the move but fell short of the 60 votes needed.

The votes represented a major break in the solid GOP backing Mr. Trump has enjoyed in his first two years as president and sent a strong signal that congressional Republicans are willing to split with the White House on national security matters.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., who introduced the resolution against the lifting of the sanctions, said removing them would be “deeply flawed and wrong.” He called on senators to consider that Deripaska is an “agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interests abroad” and is tied to “organized crime and Mr. Paul Manafort.” Mr. Trump’s one-time campaign chairman has been convicted of felony charges stemming from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

In its brief statement, Treasury said that Rusal and the other two companies, En+ Group and EuroSiobEnergo had severed Derapaska’s control.

“This action ensures that the majority of directors on the En+ and Rusal boards will be independent directors … who have no business, professional or family ties to Deripaska,” Treasury said.

The statement also said the companies had agreed to “unprecedented transparency for Treasury into their operations by undertaking extensive, ongoing auditing, certification and reporting requirements.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin had made similar arguments during two appearances before lawmakers urging them not to vote for legislation blocking the removal of the sanctions.Treasury noted that, while the sanctions are being lifted on the three companies, Deripaska will remain blacklisted as part of a number of sanctions announced last April that targeted tycoons with close ties to the Kremlin.Mnuchin’s appearance before House and Senate lawmakers failed to convince critics of the move. House Financial Services Chairman Maxine Waters, D-Calif., said the United States needed to make sure “we don’t align ourselves with the people who are undermining this democracy.”The sanctions against Rusal had raised worries in global markets about the loss of output from the company, the world’s second largest aluminum producer.

First published on January 28, 2019

Source:  U.S. lifts sanctions on 3 companies tied to major Russian oligarch

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In December 2017, we reported on Robert Mueller, James Comey and Andrew McCabe’s ties to Russian entities.

For years James Comey and Robert Mueller, as FBI directors, knew Andrew McCabe maintained problematic contacts with Russian officials including organized crime figures yet did little to investigate the now-FBI deputy director’s relationships even after other agents caught McCabe tampering in Russian-linked cases, FBI sources said.

And while both Comey and Mueller have used the unlimited resources of the United States government to try and tie President Donald Trump to Russia, the former FBI chiefs largely ignored McCabe’s associations with Russian mobsters and a Putin-linked billionaire under federal investigation by their own Bureau.

The same Russian billionaire at the center of Mueller’s recent indictment of Paul Manafort.

Incredibly, Comey put McCabe in charge of running the FBI’s Russian investigation of President Trump to find supposed election collusion by Trump and his inner circle – including family members and Gen. Mike Flynn. McCabe’s probe of Trump and its evidence, which was spearheaded by now disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok, was turned over to Mueller when he was appointed Special Counsel after Comey’s firing by Trump.

Likewise, FBI sources confirmed Mueller was aware of McCabe’s problematic Russian contacts yet still took the now-disgraced Strzok on as a lead investigator to his Special Counsel team as well as the physical and witness evidence that McCabe had amassed on the Trump probe during his investigation under Comey.

Even officials at CIA were concerned about McCabe’s Russian contacts, sources confirm.

So how could a FBI agent – let alone the deputy director of the Bureau – be permitted to lead or conduct an investigation of the president of the United States for Russian collusion when the FBI agent in question has problematic associations with shady Russians himself?

McCabe climbed quickly through the FBI’s ranks forging a reputation as a supervisor who always got the job done while his bosses often looked the other way. That seems to be a recurring theme when investigating the day-today operations of the FBI in recent years.

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And now we know that President Trump is 100% aligned with the Russian mafia, and is a puppet of Benjamin Netanyahu.

Trump is completely compromised by Israeli/Russian Intelligence:  Documentary

Trump: CIA Asset? Links to Roy Cohn’s CIA Pedophile Ring

Every one of these swamp monsters in Washington, D.C. is protecting the others.  Everything on the main stream media is political theater.  Excuses, lies, cover-ups, finger pointing, and firing people who might actually mention a tidbit of truth.  This is how the game is played.

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