History of the US Foreign Service and US State Department Communist Infiltrators in China

John S. Service

John Stewart Service (3 August 1909 – 3 February 1999) was an American diplomat who served in the Foreign Service in China prior to and during World War II. Considered one of the State Department’s “China Hands,” he was an important member of the Dixie Mission to Yan’an. Service correctly predicted that the Communists would defeat the Nationalists in a civil war: he and other diplomats were blamed for the “loss” of China in the domestic political turmoil following the 1949 Communist triumph in China. In June 1945, Service was arrested in the Amerasia Affair in 1945.

The prosecution sought an indictment for espionage, but a federal grand jury unanimously declined to indict him.[1][2] In 1950 U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy launched an attack against Service, which led to investigations of the reports Service wrote while stationed in China. Secretary of State Dean Acheson fired Service. In 1957 the U.S. Supreme Court ordered his reinstatement in a unanimous decision, finding that Acheson’s action had been illegal because “it violated Regulations of the Department of State which were binding on the Secretary.”[3] Service was cleared by numerous loyalty boards. Only a final one suggested there was “reasonable doubt” as to his loyalty. It was this opinion that forced Dean Acheson to dismiss him.[4]

US State Department China Connection

Emmy award-winning journalist Lynne Joiner tells the tale of Service, an idealistic U.S. Foreign Service officer in wartime China who had the misfortune of often being right although U.S. policy makers refused to heed his prescient reporting. He predicted Mao Tse-tung’s successful revolution long before anyone else even knew the Chinese Communists were a potent force, and, subsequently, he became Sen. Joseph McCarthy’s first victim.

The author describes how Service was fired for doubtful loyalty–but won his job back in the U.S. Supreme Court, only to have his career neutralized by the FBI, anti-Communist politicians, the China lobby, and Chiang Kai-shek’s secret police. Born and raised in China by YMCA missionaries, Service became America’s key liaison with the Communist Chinese when Gen. Joseph Stilwell wanted their help against the Japanese.

Later, he became a target of revenge for Nationalist Chinese, a convenient scapegoat for American politicians eager to advance their careers, and a person of interest to J. Edgar Hoover for more than a quarter century. Joiner was given special access to Service’s private papers and photographs with Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai, among others, and gained access to FBI, CIA, and State Department security records as well as confidential transcripts of congressional hearings and federal loyalty review boards.

Although newly released Soviet and U.S. documents demonstrate that some of his wartime associates were in fact identified as Communist spies or fellow travelers, Joiner shows that Service was an honorable survivor who was innocent of McCarthy’s charges.

It’s another case of the CIA covering up for its dirty deeds!

Note:  Senator Joseph McCarthy was an American hero.

Watch the video on Bitchute: Mao’s China, McCarthy’s America and the Persecution of John S. Service

Video (mirrored) published on January 13, 2014 courtesy of WGBHForum

Now for the real story on John S. Service:

Israel was a Trotskyite/Bolshevik communist country from the start, playing all sides, loyal to only one.

China was using Sun Tse strategy, Zhou Enlai being a careful student of this ancient Chinese philosopher of indirect or assymetrical warfare.

China and Israel are in space. US money developed technologies and Israel stole them for China and during the Clinton administration all of the US patent data base was given to China. German scientists developed the physics of flight without rocket, air foil or propeller and this was captured for Jewry by Bernard Baruch’s agents — Baruch having staffed the New Deal and subsequent Truman administration, and later became head of the Atomic Energy Commission, developed the Buruch Plan for world domination by an monopoly of atomic weapons, and himself invented the term “cold war” in which there was first an arms race to develop ICBMs, and then continued to get America and the USSR in a “space race.” The purpose of the Space Race was for the US to develop all of the aspects of space travel that Germany did not have time to develop — the space capsules, protection from radiation, the best way to design a space vehicle with all human factors worked out. The flying saucers were real — but they were made in secret.

Reagan was well aware of the Communist New World Order agenda.

An attempt by the American people to get back to the course that both Kennedy and Nixon had us on made it inevitable that the last remaining “conservative” and “for freedom” voice, Ronald Reagan, would become president. And so the conspiracy sent its agents, active Trotskyites working for the conspiracy, in the form of the Neo-cons — many, such as Irving Kristol with communist background — to pretend conversion to American conservatism, styling themselves as Neo-cons and giving Reagan the media and other breaks he needed to become president. (Think of Hitler making deals with Frankfort bankers and big munitions makers in which he turned his back on his original populist supporters, the brownshirts (the SA) and murdered its leaders.) They did attempt an assassination using a psychologically conditioned John Hinkley Jr., who was programmed by behavior scientists using an infatuation with actress Jodi Foster to program a way to impress Foster and win her by killing Reagan. This involved elaborate conditioning that only a few governments have developed, China being one of them.

The US and Europe are about to be destroyed by a plan to infiltrate the great Mercenary Army used to destroy Syria, Libya and Iraq, disguised as refugees and mixed in with the real refugees that they themselves created when they destroyed those nations — in order to bring down the European nations, to degrade them for easy rule and control by the Jew/Han masters who intend to impose one world communism on the human race, keeping anarcho-capitalism for themselves as the true power behind the fake “socialist” totalitarian police state.

People deserve the truth, no matter how painful and daunting.

In this first of 4 episodes Laszlo introduces the life of US Foreign Service officer John S. Service. Though not a giant in history, he nonetheless shared the stage in the 1930’s and 40’s with some of the giants.

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Published (mirrored)  on August 9, 2014 courtesy of LASZLO MONTGOMERY Youtube channel

For more information about John S. Service:  https://adst.org/2014/02/john-s-service-the-man-who-lost-china-part-i/



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