How the CIA/US Military/Deep State Overthrows Countries Around the World: Cambridge Simulation Game

Cambridge Simulation Game

Originally broadcast October 29, 1973.

Watergate, Hughes, Nixon, Archibald Cox fired, Bebe Rebozo is Nixon’s CIA babysitter, Bahamas. Fascism in California. Louis Tackwood, book, “The Glass House Tapes,” U.S. Gestapo takeover. Daniel Del Solar article, Cambridge simulation game plan “Politica,” Chile, Allende murder. Project “Camelot.” ABT Assoc. Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPA). Bogus Edward J. Epstein article in Esquire Mag.

Listen to the podcast:  Mae Brussell Bebe Rebozo Is Nixon’s CIA Babysitter ( 10 29 1973)


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