Watergate: A Small Part of Covert Ops & The Dirt on Howard Hughes

New World Order Players

Mae Brussell Watergate A Small Part Of Covert Ops Since WW 2

Originally broadcast July 28, 1975.

Show notes:

The Watergate scandal was a small part of covert activities operating since WWII, and they got caught. Daniel Schorr reported the CIA is/was printing counterfeit $ in Vietnam. AP 7/22/75 article on CIA attorney.

Lawrence Housten’s testimony to the Senate Committee, said CIA should be immune from prosecution for crimes, including murder. Gerald Ford says no need for inquiry into JFK assassination.

Aristotle Onassis, Howard Hughes, Jimmy the Greek.

William Nolan died, former Calif. Senator, publisher, friend of Nixon, widow applying for slot machines in Vegas. Carlo Gambino killed 2 weeks after Giancana. Gambino took over in ’69 after Vito Genovese.

Nancy Rich Perrin’s Warren Commission testimony, husband died from arsenic, they were afraid of Vito Genovese’s son Tony, close to Jack Ruby. Thero Wheeler of SLA escaped from Vacaville prison 8-2-73, went to Texas, works for security company, doesn’t want to be extradited to Calif. (similar to Charles Watson of Tate-La Bianca murders). The Hearsts and the Scotts.

CIA uses Churches as fronts. Greek Orthodox Church brought Marina Oswald to Dallas, Sirhan Family to Pasadena.

Listen to the podcast:  Mae Brussell Watergate A Small Part Of Covert Ops Since WW 2 ( 07 28 1975)

Mae Brussell Bebe Rebozo Is Nixon’s CIA Babysitter ( 10 29 1973)

Originally broadcast October 29, 1973.

Show notes:

Watergate, Howard Hughes, Richard Nixon, Archibald Cox fired, Bebe Rebozo is Nixon’s CIA babysitter, Bahamas. Fascism in California. Louis Tackwood, book, “The Glass House Tapes,” U.S. Gestapo takeover. Daniel Del Solar article, Cambridge simulation game plan “Politica,” Chile, Allende murder. Project “Camelot.” ABT Assoc. Advanced Research Project Agency
(ARPA). Bogus Edward J. Epstein article in Esquire Mag.

Listen to the podcast:  Mae Brussell Bebe Rebozo Is Nixon’s CIA Babysitter ( 10 29 1973)

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Make no mistake.  The CIA/Mossad/KGB and all the rest of the intelligence agencies have been working in concert since the 1940’s towards their goal of a one world Communist government ruled by fascist corporations.

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