Exposing Edward Snowden aka Ed Greenberg

September 17, 2018

What you’re not being told about Booz Allen Hamilton and Edward Snowden


Published (mirrored) on August 6. 2013 courtesy of Point


Those of us who are paying attention know that Edward Snowden aka Ed Greenberg presented nothing new when he went on national television to “disclose” the NSA’s spying on all Americans.  “Snowden” had a purpose, and it was to validate the CIA/Mossad’s Wikileaks operation.

Wikieaks had three purposes:

  1.  To protect Israel and to expose its enemies
  2.  Dupe would-be whistleblowers into entrapment
  3.  Help get Trump elected


HOAX NSA Security Edward Snowden


Published (mirrored) on July 14, 2013 courtesy of Coherentsource


Who is Snowden Fahnestock Rockefellers Ny Edward Snowden Hoax Internet Sabotage NSA Jan 21 2014


Published (mirrored) on January 21, 2014 courtesy of TheHumanDuplicators


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