Michael Collins Piper (RIP) on the Kennedy Assassination (2011)

Published on November 22, 2016

Truth teller and radio host Rick Adams interviews Michael Collins Piper, who was assassinated for telling the truth about the JFK assassination.  Piper is the author of many books, and was a former host on the Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN).

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Final Judgment

The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy

An Ebook by Michael Collins Piper

About the Cover

This may be the most unusual cover of any book—and there have been many—published about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. But then, again, Final Judgment—like its cover—is extraordinary. The figures shown (left to right) are Meyer Lansky, the head of the global organized crime syndicate, David Ben-Gurion, the Israeli Prime Minister who resigned his post in 1963, disgusted with President John Kennedy’s refusal to support Israel’s drive to build a nuclear arsenal, and James J. Angleton who—in 1963—was the CIA’s director of counterintelligence and head of the CIA’s liaison desk for Israel’s intelligence agency, the Mossad. Over Angleton’s shoulder is the logo of the Central Intelligence Agency. In the background, of course, is a nuclear explosion. Israel achieved its nuclear weapons capabilities precisely because of the assassination of President Kennedy. And so did Red China. All of the frightening details appear in the pages of Final Judgment.

At the bottom are shown Attorney General Robert Kennedy and President Kennedy and their father, Ambassador Joseph P. Kennedy, founder of the Kennedy family’s would-be dynasty. John Kennedy’s assassination ended any possibility of another Kennedy reaching the White House. To the left is the logo of Israel’s Mossad.

The Israeli Nuclear Arms Link to the JFK Assassination

For ten years Israeli propagandists called Final Judgment author Michael Collins Piper a “liar” and an “anti-Semite” for charging that Israeli intelligence played a role in the JFK assassination conspiracy because of JFK’s bitter secret conflict with Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion over Israel’s efforts to build nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Certain self-styled “JFK assassination researchers” scoffed at Piper and refused to address the thesis of his book.

However, on July 25, 2004, many of Piper’s critics were red-faced and silent when Israel’s respected Jerusalem Post carried a story headlined: “Vanunu: Israel behind JFK Assassination.” The newspaper reported that famed Jewish-born nuclear physicist, Dr. Mordechai Vanunu, recently released after spending 18 years in prison for exposing Israel’s covert atomic weapons program—had charged that supporters of Israel’s drive for nuclear weapons were involved in the JFK assassination precisely because of JFK’s interference with their ambitions.

The Israeli government dismissed Vanunu’s allegations, but what he said received attention in newspapers worldwide, with the notable exception of the United States where one and only one newspaper, mentioned Vanunu’s charges and that was American Free Press, the Washington-based weekly that published Final Judgment. However, as widely read Internet writer, Rev. Mark Dankof, put it quite correctly: “The Vanunu-Piper allegations about Israel will not go away.”

New Evidence Ties Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program to The New Orleans Connection in the JFK Conspiracy . . .

As the second printing of the sixth edition of this book went to press, a source with intimate, high-level knowledge about the NUMEC nuclear plant in Pennsylvania that smuggled nuclear materiel to Israel (see Chapter 8) provided documentation to Michael Collins Piper that the family of Edith Rosenwald Stern, a prominent New Orleans Jewish leader, were key financiers behind NUMEC. Mrs. Stern was the closest friend of Clay Shaw, the longtime CIA asset charged by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison in the JFK conspiracy. Final Judgment had already documented Shaw’s ties to Israeli intelligence, so the NUMEC-Stern connection is all the more damning and, with other data, explains why Garrison ultimately concluded there was an Israeli connection behind the conspiracy. And note this: Another NUMEC investor was Pittsburgh’s CIA-connected “right wing” billionaire Richard Scaife, whose protégé, Joe Farah, a vocal supporter of Israel, promoted a JFK conspiracy book evidently designed to distract attention from Final Judgment. No more need be said.

Free E-book:  https://www.wikispooks.com/wiki/File:Final_Judgment.pdf

Rothschild et JFK: les liens de l’avocat « montréalais » Bloomfield (à la tête de Permindex) avec le clan Rothschild documentés par un auteur québécois

Contrairement à ce que l’auteur Jim Marrs et de nombreux autres prétendent, il n’y a pas de connexion nazie à l’assassinat de JFK.  En fait il y a plutôt une connexion anti-nazie et même férocement pro-juive!

D’après l’auteur israélo-américain A.J. Weberman–qui ne risque pas d’être soupçonné d’antisémitisme–nul autre que le fameux Jim Garrison lui-même avait écrit un manuscrit de roman dans lequel il identifiait clairement le Mossad (services secrets d’Israël) comme ultime responsable de l’assassinat de JFK.


• World’s richest banking dynasty had intimate tie to assassination conspirators by Michael Collins Piper

Dozens of new books and reports from diverse sources purporting to bring out “the truth at last” about the John F. Kennedy assassination on its 50th anniversary are suspiciously ignoring the very real Rothschild connection to the JFK conspiracy.

Right now the big push is to pin blame for the assassination on former Vice President Lyndon Johnson. The “LBJ Killed JFK” theme is rampant, even in the self-styled “alternative” media.

However, AMERICAN FREE PRESS is pleased to be the first publication ever to report on the findings of Maurice Philipps—an otherwise unheralded researcher —who uncovered the never-before-revealed Rothschild banking dynasty connection to a key player linked to the JFK conspiracy. Here’s the story, one which should force JFK researchers—at least the honest ones—to take a whole new look at the death of the president.

Today, although the JFK assassination is the focus of a media frenzy, many writers avoid delving into (or even mentioning) New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison’s unsuccessful 1969 prosecution of trade executive Clay Shaw for involvement in the JFK conspiracy, knowing Garrison had turned up leads pointing in some uncomfortable and controversial directions.

In fact, when Garrison launched his investigation of Shaw he had unwittingly unearthed the “Rothschild connection” to the JFK conspiracy, although Garrison himself apparently didn’t realize it at first. 

This explains why there was such a concerted effort—coming from the highest levels—to derail and destroy the hard-driving prosecutor.

While many first heard of Garrison’s prosecution of Shaw through Oliver Stone’s film “JFK”—which presented the JFK conspiracy as the work of LBJ and the military brass, aided by rogue CIA operatives—there was much more that Stone left out.

This week—on pages 14-15—AFP provides an annotated overview of the astounding revelations by Canadian writer Philipps whose work has heretofore been suppressed.

Although Philipps’s book, De Dallas à Montréal, is available only in French, Philipps has written in English of his research on his well-documented website.*

Once you learn of what Philipps has uncovered, you’ll understand why so many truth seekers are so determined to suppress his findings.

Source:  http://pascasher.the-savoisien.com/2013/11/rothschild-et-jfk-les-liens-de-lavocat-montrealais-bloomfield-a-la-tete-de-permindex-avec-le-clan-rothschild-documentes-par-un-auteur-quebecois.html


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