Operation Talpiot

Israel's Theft of American Technology and Data: Operation Talpiot and Unit 8200

Welcome to Operation Talpiot

Our #1 goal is to expose Israel’s theft of American technology and data.  The Bolshevik Israelis and Russians are in a covert partnership and are taking over the technology sector.

For more information:  Israel – The Greatest Spy Machine of All Time

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Israel and Hi-Tech (ExposetheEnemy.com) – Jon Swinn

Israel’s Pending Bankruptcy Spurred Mossad To Orchestrate 9/11 Attacks In U.S. – Jeremy Roth-Kushel of The Antedote

Chabad Lubavitch Linked Jewish Woman Related To One of the Wealthiest Jewish Families in U.S. Named Cybersecurity Chief For NSA

Introduction to Talpiot videos:

How Israel Rules — Barbarians Inside The Gates (Talpiot Connections to the Communist New Silk Road (Belt and Road Initiative) – Brendon O’Connell

How The Talpiot Program Works – Jeremy Roth-Kushel and Greg McCarron

The Talpiot Program is the Key to Understanding Israel’s Power (Renegade Tribune – Kyle Hunt’s website – Brendon O’Connell)

Bi BI’S Got A Kill Switch | No One Is Safe – Brendon O’Connell

How Israel Rules The World Of Cyber Security | VICE on HBO

How Israel Hardware Back Doored Everything – Arc Processors

7. Kill Switch Israel & Microsoft Oh My Part One – Brendon O’Connell




The Tel Aviv Moscow New York Axis | Israeli Russian Spying – Brendon O’Connell

Israel Has The Pentagon Hacked Soon They Will Own It – Brendon O’Connell

Israel: The Ultimate Backdoor Into The West

The Silvermaster Spy Ring – Brendon O’Connell

TruNews Reports on Operation Talpiot!

Censored: Israeli Software Spying on US – AmDocs, Comverse, Infosys: Carl Cameron

One Belt, One Road, One World Government – Tim Hayes

Talpiot, Soviet Israel, and the Perestroika Deception – Tim Hayes

Technion, Talpiot, Unit 8200, Stuxnet & Kill Switch Diplomacy – Jeremy Roth-Kushel


Israel: Tech’s New Promised Land #Talpiot

Start-up Notions: Where Israeli Entrepreneurship Really Came From #Talpiot

The 265 members of Congress who sold you out to ISPs, and how much it cost to buy them

Microsoft IS the Talpiot Program!

The Hunt for the Kill Switch – Pentagon

How the CIA made Google: Inside the Secret Network behind Mass Surveillance, Endless War, and Skynet

CIA Helped Sell a Mapping Startup to Google. Now they won’t tell us why! In-Q-Tel/Keyhole + Lockheed Martin Skunkworks infiltrated by Israeli Spies for Decades

DEF CON 26 Christopher Domas GOD MODE UNLOCKED Hardware Backdoors In Redacted X 86

Lekem, BIRD, BARD & BSF: Covert and Legal Ways Soviet Israel Transfers United States’ Technology

Robert Maxwell: Israel’s Superspy (Israel stole the PROMIS software)

The NSA’s Hidden Spy Hubs in 8 US Cities and the Link to AT&T and Israel’s Talpiot Program

Bill Gates: Israeli tech ‘changing the world’ & 10 great reasons why Microsoft loves Israeli ingenuity

Trump Signs Law Allowing Mass Spying on Citizens

The Spy Coalition in Congress Rushes Through Section 702 to Keep the NSA Spying on Americans

Netanyahu’s Spying Denials Contradicted by Secret NSA Documents

Scotland’s MI6 Exposes Operation Talpiot – Israel’s Talpiot Program Seeks To Dominate AI Globally

Israel and the Unexpected New World Order

The Active Long Term Soviet Israel Cell In The US Must Be Exposed And Removed

Ongoing Transfer of American Technology to the Soviet Union Since 1917

Cisco Routers – Backdoors

Cisco Extends Security Openness with McAfee Interoperability and New Technology Partners

Once Hailed as Unhackable, Blockchains are now Getting Hacked #Talpiot #bitcoin #technology

Microsoft Unveils Two Secret Data Centers Built for Classified Government Data #OperationTalpiot

Microsoft’s ElectionGuard a Trojan Horse for a Military-Industrial Takeover of US Elections

I feel we let humanity down in this whole WhatsApp spyware story: Telegram founder


Israeli companies to lead establishment of New York cyber innovation hub #Talpiot

NY Governor Cuomo and Israel Innovation Authority Announce $2 Million Partnership #SmartCities


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

“Iniquity, committed in this world, produces not fruit immediately, but, like the earth, in due season, and advancing by little and little, it eradicates the man who committed it. … justice, being destroyed, will destroy; being preserved, will preserve; it must never therefore be violated.” Manu 1200 bc

Please Donate: Our international team of activists is exposing the Talpiot program and Unit 8200. All hardware chips in all computers in all devices have been back-doored and are being hacked. We need your help to promote this tyranny so all US Military commanding officers, corporate CEO’s and IT professionals are aware of this hazardous security risk. Thank you for your generous donations!


To make an anonymous cash donation: https://cash.me/$OpDeepState

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